Ather 450 Apex: The Fastest and Most Powerful Ather Yet

By | December 3, 2023

Ather Energy, the Bengaluru-based electric vehicle startup, has recently teased its new flagship scooter, the Ather 450 Apex. The 450 Apex is expected to be the fastest and most powerful Ather scooter ever, surpassing the current 450X in terms of performance and features. Here is a brief overview of what we know so far about the 450 Apex, and how it compares to the 450X and other rivals in the electric scooter segment.

Design and Features

The 450 Apex is likely to share the same design language as the 450X, with a sleek and futuristic look. However, it may have some distinctive elements to set it apart from the rest of the 450 series, such as transparent side panels, inspired by the 450X Series 1, and different colour options. The 450 Apex may also sport a new badge or logo to highlight its special edition status.

Ather 450X
Design and Features

450 Apex is expected to pack new hardware and significant software upgrades to achieve better performance and connectivity. It may have a larger touchscreen dashboard, with more features and customisation options. It may also have improved navigation, voice assistant, and remote diagnostics. The 450 Apex may also offer more riding modes, such as a sport mode or a track mode, to unleash its full potential.

Battery3.7 kWh
MotorMore than 6.4 kW/26 Nm
Top SpeedMore than 90 km/h
Acceleration (0-40 km/h)Better than 3.3 seconds
RangeSimilar to 450X (60-85 km)
Charging Time (0-80%)1 hour
Price (ex-showroom)Around Rs 2 lakh
Launch DateEnd-2023 or early 2024

Performance and Range

450 Apex is likely to be powered by the same 3.7 kWh battery as the 450X, which is one of the largest batteries in the electric scooter segment. However, the motor may be more powerful than the one on the 450X, which is rated for 6.4 kW/26 Nm. The 450 Apex may also break the 100 km/h threshold, and could have a better 0-40 km/h acceleration time than the already zippy 450X.

450 Apex
450 Apex

450 Apex may have a similar range as the 450X, which claims to offer 85 km in eco mode, 70 km in ride mode, and 60 km in warp mode. However, the range may vary depending on the riding mode, speed, and terrain. The 450 Apex may also support fast charging, which can charge the battery up to 80% in an hour.

Price and Launch Date

450 Apex is expected to be launched soon in India, possibly by the end of 2023 or early 2024. The 450 Apex will be priced at a premium over the 450X, which costs Rs 1.68 lakh (ex-showroom). The 450 Apex may cost around Rs 2 lakh (ex-showroom), making it one of the most expensive electric scooters in the market. However, the 450 Apex may also offer more value for money, considering its superior performance and features.

Ather 450 Apex
Ather 450 Apex: The Fastest and Most Powerful Ather Yet

The 450 Apex will be a limited edition scooter, and may be available only in select cities where Ather has its presence. The 450 Apex may also have a waiting period, as the demand may exceed the supply. The 450 Apex may also be eligible for some subsidies and incentives under the FAME II scheme and state policies, which may reduce the effective cost for the buyers.


450 Apex is a promising scooter that aims to set a new benchmark for the electric scooter segment. It may offer a thrilling and futuristic riding experience, with its high speed, power, and features. It may also appeal to the enthusiasts and early adopters, who are looking for something unique and exclusive. However, the 450 Apex may also face some challenges, such as its high price, limited availability, and competition from other electric scooters, such as the Ola S1 Pro, the TVS iQube, and the Bajaj Chetak. The 450 Apex may also have to prove its reliability and durability, as it is a new product with new technology.

Ather 450 Apex is a bold and ambitious move by Ather Energy, which shows its confidence and innovation in the electric vehicle space. The 450 Apex may also help Ather Energy to expand its market share and brand recognition, as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary. 450 Apex may also inspire other electric vehicle makers to raise their game and offer better products to the customers.

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