EV ScootersAther 450X Price, Range, Specs, Features, Booking, Review

Ather 450X Price, Range, Specs, Features, Booking, Review


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Last updated on December 1st, 2022 at 10:35 pm

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Ather Energy is now one of the top leading company in the Indian EV market. For its next-level features, price range, and eco-friendly so that people are very informed about this Scooter. That’s why many authorized companies like Hero MotoCorp and many more have already invested a massive amount in this Company.

Ather Energy was founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013. Its main branch is located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, and now ather has its existence in 27 cities across 15 states.

Right now, Ather Energy has two EV scooters: Ather 450 and Ather 450X. So in this article, we are going to do a fully detailed review of Ather 450X. So read till the End.

Ather 450x Design

DimensionLength-1,812 mm, Width- 739 mm, Height-1,103 mm
Seat Height 780 mm
Ground Clearance150 mm
Weight 108 kg
Braking SystemCBS disc Brakes
Front Disc Size 200mm
Rear Disc Size190mm
Tire Typetubeless
Front Tire Size90/90 – R12
Back Tire Size90/90 – R12
Wheel TypeAlloy
Wheel Size12inch
Suspension Type Front – Telescopic Forks suspension & Back – Monoshock
Display Type7” capacitive IP65 waterproof touchscreen Display
Colour OptionWhite, Grey & Green

The Ather 450X scooter design could get full marks because the company used steel to build its frames instead of Iron or other material. After seeing the Scooter design seems like it is mainly made for urban riders. 

Ather 450X scooter


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The overall length of the Ather 450X is 1,812 mm and width is 739 mm, Height is 1,103 mm, Ground Clearance is 150 mm, Seat Height is 780 mm, and the overall weight is 108 kg. 


 On the front side, you will see a sharp ‘V-shaped body, and its front wheel looks quite bigger compared to regular scooters. Inside the scooter base, you will see Battery. Its front LED sharp headlight has given and also exact LED used in Turn indicators. The company claims this LED could give you the best experience at the Night. 


Ather has made an incredible change in the scooter’s backside motor wheel. This means Ather used a drive belt instead of a motor so that scooter produces a unique sound that feels really awesome. The tail light of this scooter has a more futuristic design that you may not see in any Scooter. Also, you could find integrated LED turn indicators.

Braking, wheel, and Suspension

Some motor companies use drum brakes to cut down the cost of the scooter, but here Ather has used CBS disc on both sides front disc size is 200mm, and the rear disc size is 190mm, which could give you good braking features and experience. 

Ather 450X

Ather has provided a tubeless tire for 450X; the front tire size is 90/90 – R12, and the back tire size is 90/90 – R12.

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The 450X wheel type is Alloy Size of both front and rear wheels are 12inch and given Telescopic Forks suspension on the front and Monoshock on the rear. 

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Ather has given a 7” capacitive IP65 touchscreen Display which is waterproof, so you don’t need to be afraid of water in the rainy season. So overall good Design. 

Boot Space

The public buys scooters for their utility uses, so if it comes to boot space of 450X, Ather has given massive space so that you can keep a normal helmet with some extra things. And also, you will get to see LED lights inside the boot space, which comes to use at the Night. 

Colours Options

Ather 450X colour options

Ather 450X Scooter is available in three colours: White, Grey, and Green. 

Ather 450x Motor Specifications

Motor TypePMS Motor
Motor Capacity6kW & Updated Version has 6.4kW
Motor Warranty3 Years

Ather has updated its motor in 2022, and this motor will give new motor specs in different modes. Eco (1.9 kW), Smart Eco (2.3 kW), Ride (3.2 kW), Sport (5.8 kW), and Warp (6.4 kW) shows that now Ather 450X has a power of 6.4 kW. 

Ather 450X motor

Motor Capacity, Power, and RPM

After hearing people’s thoughts and their disappointment with motor capacity, Ather has recently increased its Motor capacity(power) from 6kW to 6.4kW. Now updated Ather 450X scooter motor highest capacity is 6.4kW.

Ather 450X has a power of 1.9kW and goes up to 6.4kW so that it could give a maximum speed of 146km( this variant will launch soon). and the present Ather 450X has motor power of 6kW

Motor Warranty and Price

Ather 450X motor has 3 years of warranty, and the official does not confirm the price of the new Ather motor, but we can say it could be around Rs 20,000

Ather 450x Range

Range116km and Updated Version will get 146km
Range in Eco mode85km
Range in Ride mode70km
Range in Sport mode60km
Rage in Warp mode50km
Range in SmartEco mode85km
Range with Pillion60km
Range Per Charge85km

Recently Ather has announced they could update the 450X motor, and they did it. So present ather can achieve 116km of range, but in the upcoming ather scooter, you will get to see a maximum range of 146km, and this newly updated scooter could launch next month. 

Ather 450X range

Ather 450x Range in Different Modes

Primarily Ather scooter had only four modes, but now they introduced one more mode through an OTA update for Ather 450X and 450 Plus, So now there are five modes Eco, Ride, Sport, Warp, and new SmartEco. Know more about ranges in all modes

  1. Range in Eco mode:  Ather 450X Eco Mode Gives a maximum range of 85km
  2. Range in Ride mode: In the ride mode, 450X provides a range of 70km
  3. Range in Sport mode: Ather 450X delivers a 60km range in Sport Mode. 
  4. Rage in Warp mode: In the warp mode, 450X gives a range of 50km.
  5. Range in SmartEco mode: This new SmartEco mode dynamically adjusts power and range. This mode is beneficial for those people who would like to do Overtake. The company claims this mode could provide you with an 85km range.
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Ather 450x Range with Pillion

The actual range of ather 450X with a pillion in ride mode is almost 60-65km.

Ather 450x Range Per Charge

The fully charged Ather 450X scooter can go up to 85 km on a single charge. And it takes 5.45 Hrs to get full charged.

Ather 450x Mileage

Regarding mileage, Ather claims that 450X could provide 116 Km/Charge, but as per Ather Owners(User Reported), the scooter may give almost 100 Km/Charge.

Ather 450x top Speed

Top Speed85km
Top Speed in Eco Mode60km
Top Speed in Ride Mode70km
Top Speed in Sport Mode90km
Top Speed in Warp Mode90km

Compared to the Ola scooter, the Top speed of the Ather 450X disappoints because Ola could give a top speed of 95km, and the Ather 450X may provide a Top Speed of 85km. However, the Ather 450X is a good scooter compared to Ola because, recently, the Ola Scooter Fire Incident has been causing fear among people to buy Ola scooters.

Ather 450X Top speed
  1. Top Speed in Eco Mode: You may get a Real Top Speed of 60km in Eco mode.
  2. Top Speed in Ride Mode: In a ride mode, you will get to see a 69-70km of Top speed.
  3. Top Speed in Sport Mode: In a ride mode, ather 450X could provide you a Top Speed of up to 90km.
  4. Top Speed in Warp Mode: In terms of warp mode, you may get the same speed as Sport it os 90km, but one difference is you will achieve 90km very fast in Warp mode as compared to Sport Mode. 

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Ather 450x Battery Specifications

Battery Peak Power6kW
Capacity2.9kW/2.6kW usable
Battery Life5 years
Replacement Cost30,000
Battery Warranty3 years
Charging Cost₹15 – ₹20
Battery Price₹60,000

Ather 450X Battery is placed inside the floorboard. The cells used in this battery are 21700, the same cells implemented in Tesla cars. One big disappointment is its battery swapping features. Yes, you will not get removable battery feature in Ather 450X Scooter.

Ather 450X scooter battery

Battery Capacity

 In the Ather 450X scooter, you will get 6kW peak power output, and the continuous power output is 3.3kW. The battery capacity is 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery in this 2.6 kWh is usable. 

Battery Life

 The Ather 450X scooter lithium-ion battery is made up of modern cells so that the battery may come in use for almost 5years. If you buy a new scooter or battery in 2022, the battery may lose its power in 2027.

Battery Replacement Cost

 In the present situation, if you would like to replace the Ather 450X battery, then it may cost Rs 30,000

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Battery Warranty

 Ather has confirmed that the 450X scooter battery warranty is almost 3 years with unlimited kilometres. If your battery power drops 70% before the warranty expires, then the battery is replaced under warranty. 

Battery Charging Cost

 If you charge Ather 450X at home by using Ather dot and portable charger, which may cost around Rs. 4-5 /kWh to fully charge the Ather 450X. If you charge Ather 450X from grids, it could cost almost ₹15 – ₹20.

Battery Price

 The Ather 450X battery costs ₹60,000, and Ather is planning to reduce its battery cost to ₹40,000 in the upcoming 3 years.

Ather 450x Price in India

Ather 450X scooter price in India is ₹ 1.19 – 1.38 Lakh( ex-showroom) in New Delhi. It varies from state to state and city to city. And on-road price of the Ather 450X standard variant after all RTO and Insurance may cost ₹ 1,56,787(New Delhi)

CityEx-Showroom Price
KolkataRs. 1.28 – 1.47 Lakh
BangaloreRs. 1.32 – 1.51 Lakh
ChennaiRs. 1.33 – 1.52 Lakh
PuneRs. 1.24 – 1.43 Lakh
MumbaiRs. 1.24 – 1.43 Lakh
HyderabadRs. 1.33 – 1.52 Lakh
DelhiRs. 1.19 – 1.38 Lakh

Ather 450x Booking Online 

Booking an Ather 450X scooter is very easy. You can follow the instructions below:

1. First, you must open the Ather Energy Official website on desktop or Mobile atherenergy.com.

2. Now you will see the BOOK NOW option on the right corner of the desktop. On mobile, you may need to scroll down to get BOOK NOW and click on that option.

Ather 450X booking online

3. Now in the next tab, you need you select your scooter colour(White, Grey, and Green) and click on the NEXT button.

Ather 450X booking

4. On the next page, you need to select your State, City, and Experience Center. Also, you have to fill in your personal details. After doing this, all agree to terms and conditions and click on Proceed and Pay Button. 

Ather 450X online booking

5. Now they ask you to make a Booking payment of ₹2500. You can make payments using payment methods like UPI, Cards, or Netbanking.

Ather 450X booking online

6. By following this method, you can easily Pre-order your Scooter Online.

Booking Status Check

Once you have booked your Ather scooter, you must activate your account by signing in through this link. Remember you should use the same email ID and phone number you used while pre-booking. 

Booking Status Check

After Signing in, all orders and booking status will be available in this Dashboard

Booking Time

The scooter’s delivery depends on your city, Scooter colour, and delivery time varies from person to person. Sometimes it may take 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or a maximum of 4 months. 

Booking Cancellation

If you want to cancel your booking, or have you already pre-ordered your scooter and need a refund? If so, the only way is to write an email to the support team, or you can call the helpline number they will assist you. Number is: 080 66465757

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Can I drive Ather 450X without license?

Yes, Ather 450X has the highest Top speed of 85km, so Driving license and Number plates are mandatory.

What are the colour options of Ather 450X?

There are three colour options in Ather 450X: White, Grey, and Green.

Is Ather battery removable?

No, Ather 450X battery is removable.

Can I charge Ather overnight?

Yes, you can easily charge your ather scooter overnight.

Can I charge Ather at home?

Yes you can easily charge your ather scooter by using Ather dot adopter.

How many years will Ather battery last?

Ather battery warranty is 3years and company claims battery can run upto 5years.

Is Ather an Indian company?

Yes Ather energy is proudly Indian Company.

Is Ather 450X waterproof?

Ather 450X scooter is a waterproof and Dustproof.

What is monthly subscription of Ather?

The monthly subscription of the ather 450X is Rs 2500

Is Ather 450X a metal body?

Ather 450X body is made up of Steel

How much time does Ather 450X take?

Ather 450X takes maximum time of 5.45 Hrs to get full charge.

Is Ather owned by Hero?

No ather is not owned by Hero but Hero motocorp has invested huge amount on ather enegry scooter.

Does Ather has fast charging?

Yes, Ather has it own fast charging
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