Ather Energy Announces Exciting New Electric Scooter: What to Expect at the Community Day Event

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Ather Energy, an Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, is generating buzz surrounding a potential new electric scooter that could be unveiled at its community day event on January 7, 2023.

While the company has not disclosed any official information about the product, media reports suggest that it could be an entry-level e-scooter, filling a gap in Ather’s current product lineup.

Currently, Ather does not offer a product in the sub-Rs 1 lakh (approximately $1,400) price range for e-scooters. If the company does choose to unveil a new e-scooter at this event, it is likely that it will target this price point in order to compete with the Ola S1 Air.

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To bring down the overall cost of the product, it is rumored that Ather may opt for a smaller battery pack and less powerful electric motor, as well as simplifying the design and suspension.

While an entry-level e-scooter seems to be the most likely possibility, it is also rumored that Ather may have a maxi-scooter in the pipeline. If this is the case, it could add a new dimension to the 450X range by offering a more comfort-oriented product.

It remains to be seen what Ather will unveil at its upcoming community day event. The company has built a reputation for innovative electric vehicles, and whatever product they choose to introduce is sure to be of high quality and make a splash in the industry.

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It will be interesting to see how the new product fits into Ather’s existing lineup, and what impact it will have on the electric scooter market in India and beyond.

Regardless of what is announced, it is clear that Ather is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and bringing new and exciting products to consumers.

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