EV ScootersAther Energy to launch two new electric scooters in 2024

Ather Energy to launch two new electric scooters in 2024

The Bengaluru-based start-up aims to capture 30% of the e-scooter market with its new offerings.


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Ather Energy, one of the leading electric two-wheeler start-ups in India, has confirmed that it will launch two new electric scooters in 2024. The company, which currently sells the 450X and the 450S models, plans to expand its product portfolio with a family-friendly scooter and a more powerful variant of the 450X.

A shift from performance to comfort

According to Ather Energy CEO Tarun Mehta, the company’s second scooter will be a “non-sport” offering that will focus on comfort and convenience, rather than performance. He said that the company’s current 450 series covers most of the performance scooter spectrum, and that the new model will target a different segment of the market.

“We only have a sports scooter lineup, but there are a lot of other use cases that exist – family scooters, comfort- and convenience-focused scooters. I think we can build as many as three product lines in scooters alone, so that will be the natural expansion for our product lineup”, Mehta Said.

The new family scooter is expected to be slightly bigger in terms of dimensions, and have a larger seat and more underseat storage than the 450’s 22-litre space. It is also likely to be offered with multiple battery options, similar to the 450X, which comes with 2.9kWh and 3.7kWh batteries. The company has not revealed any details about the design, features, or pricing of the new scooter, but it is expected to debut in the first or second quarter of 2024.

A more powerful 450X

Ather 450X
Ather 450X

The company’s third scooter will be a more powerful variant of the 450X, which is already one of the fastest and most advanced electric scooters in India. The 450X can accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph in 3.3 seconds, and has a top speed of 80 kmph. It also comes with a 7.0-inch touchscreen that offers navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and over-the-air updates.

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The new variant of the 450X will aim to offer more range and better practicality, as well as enhanced performance. The company has not disclosed any specifications or launch date for the new variant, but it is expected to follow the family scooter in 2024.

Aiming for 30% market share

Ather Energy currently has a 13% market share in the electric two-wheeler segment, and a 75% market share in the premium or performance-oriented segment (items priced at Rs 1.5 lakh and above). The company hopes to increase its market share to 30% by 2025, with the launch of its new products.

The company faces competition from other electric two-wheeler makers, such as Ola Electric, TVS Motor Company, Bajaj Auto, and Hero Electric. Ola Electric recently launched its S1 and S1 Pro scooters, which have received a huge response from the customers. TVS Motor Company also launched its flagship performance-oriented EV, the TVS X, which is priced at Rs 2.5 lakh.

Ather Energy currently has 150 experience centres in 100 locations, and plans to expand to 120 cities and 200 stores by March 2024. The company also has a manufacturing facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, which has an annual capacity of 1.1 lakh units.

Depak Kumar
Depak Kumar
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