Ather Grid’s Move to Reduce Electric Scooter Charging to 80%: Reasons Explained

By | March 12, 2023

Ather Energy’s announcement of a major upgrade to Ather Grids certainly excites us. Users will benefit from an optimal charge shorter wait times and fair usage for all with an 80 percent cut-off.

However, what really grabbed our attention was the tweet from their CEO, who stated that charging cannot continue for safety reasons once they disconnect the solenoid. Otherwise, there is a risk of arcing and other non-savory things. It reassures us to know that Ather Energy takes safety seriously and ensures that their customers do not risk any harm.

Relationship Between Electrical and Mechanical Energy

Owning an electric scooter means understanding the importance of solenoids and the role they play in the charging process. Solenoids are electromechanical devices that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy and creating a magnetic field as an electric current passes through them.

However, if you disconnect the battery while it is still charging you risk arcing and other hazards. To avoid any potential danger it is important to let the solenoid complete the cycle before disconnecting it. This way you can be sure that the flow of electricity won’t suddenly be interrupted and cause any damage or harm.

Potential Danger of Cutting Off Power to Electric Scooter Battery

As the solenoid charges, it consumes electrical energy and generates a powerful magnetic field. However, if you disconnect it while it’s still active it can cause a sudden and potentially dangerous disruption of the electrical current leading to an electric arc. To ensure proper operation and prevent hazardous consequences electric scooters require solenoids as essential components in their charging system. Solenoids regulate the electrical flow to the battery preventing electric arcs that can be hazardous and even life-threatening.

Avoiding Electrical Arcs While Charging Electric Scooters

The danger of electric arcs is real but so are the safety measures you can take to guard against them. The Ather electric scooter is a perfect example of how modern technology can help protect you from potential electric arcs. Its use of advanced lithium-ion cells for its battery pack not only offers great energy density but also helps to reduce the risk of an electric arc occurring.

By making sure to let the solenoid complete its cycle before disconnecting it you can ensure that the risk of an electric arc is minimized. With these safety measures in place you can feel confident and enjoy the ride.

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