EV ScootersBajaj Chetak 2022 Review: Price, Specs, Performance

Bajaj Chetak 2022 Review: Price, Specs, Performance


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Last updated on December 1st, 2022 at 10:35 pm

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Bajaj has made a big decision on their new electric scooter and it’s Bajaj Chetak. Yes the Bajaj auto industry now owns EV scooter. They will release their first electric scooter in 2022 this year.

This is a good move by Bajaj because Tata, Honda and many other auto companies are now shifting to the EV world. And in the coming years our world will be filled with evs.

A big update is also being seen from the side of Bajaj company. However, according to the way you are getting to see the competition in India, there is a lot of Okinawa and Hero Electric, so much competition is happening with these big companies.

Bajaj Chetak 2022

The quality is very good, the quality is so good that people will definitely fall in love with the quality. Quality means fit and finish is next level. The all metal body is seen, the instrumental console is also good, it is responsive which gives you as much range as the battery is blaring. Means all that high technology was putup in Bajaj Chetak.

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But the story is the same hey no price is high Price is big not once but thrice. It was launched in 1 lakh, has gone up to 1.45 lakh.

Even after deducting all these subsidies, you get to see that there are many already ready companies in the present time.

Bajaj Chetak 2022

But the only update from the side of the company is that the company is about to localize and what happens in localization is the manufacturing cost, nor does it reduce a lot.

If the manufacturing cost is reduced then the price of this Bajaj Chetak will be 1.10 lakh to 1.15 lakh expected.

When their new Chetak will be launched, then the company has given another update on it, recently they have shared a document already, even on the internet, you will get to see which is the battery as well as the motor which has been improved.

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4.2 Watt motor will be available, up nominal power of 4 kW will be seen, which will again increase the speed slightly, which will not be seen more than 60 to 70 km / h.

Bajaj Chetak New Model Front

This Bajaj Chetak Head Lamp is Completely Done By DRL. You’ll also get a look at this electric scooter with high beam and low beam. And it is fully LED. Its DRL is very bright and looks very attractive. Along with the LED indicator on the left and right side.

2022 Bajaj Chetak Tires

The alloy wheel is used in the tire and the front tire in the premium version gets a disc brake. Its front tire size is 90/90 r12 inches with MRF tires.

2022 Bajaj Chetak Motor

This Bajaj Chetak’s Motor 4080 Watt BLDC Motor. The BLDC motor is a bladeless DC motor in which you get a lot of advantage. Advantage is that there is so much Efficiency. You get to see the 16NM Torque on this scooter.

2022 Bajaj Chetak Battery

The battery is 3kV Lithium Ion battery, it is going to increase a bit but the body is so heavy of this vehicle, the range of this Bajaj Chetak 2022 will be less to see, even if the true range is 110+ and the price is from 1.10 lakh to 1.15 lakh Even then, Chetak can be liked by some good people.

Bajaj Chetak 2022

At present, only 10 to 20 units are sold in the entire month, now such a drawback why such a drawback when such a big company like Bajaj, although I can tell you that Bajaj Chetak Electric Vehicle can be said to be very limited, it can be sold in Tier 1 cities only.

There has been no focus in Tier 2, Tier 3, the company will not go to Tier 2, 3 till then their selling point which is not going to increase.

Bajaj Chetak 2022 Scooter Price

A statement came from the side of the company, they have said that we will localize whatever parts are there, we will not bring anything from outside. What will happen with this, the cost of the vehicle will be greatly reduced.

The current price that is currently running is Rs 1.45 lakh for Bajaj Chetak, which is quite expensive if we look at the competition.

The company is going to expand these futures, do not know when and what they feel right now is that there is nothing more related to service in it, not much service, no vehicle and Bajaj and TVS, Honda if you look at the company like this. The ones that generate the most revenue, they do it through service and not by sending a vehicle.

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