Bajaj Sunny to make a comeback as an electric scooter

By | October 3, 2023

Bajaj, the Pune-based two-wheeler manufacturer, is working on a new electric scooter that will revive the Sunny brand. The Sunny was a popular 60cc two-stroke scooter that was sold in India in the mid-1990s. It was known for its cheerful design, round headlamp, slim floorboard and three-spoke alloy wheels.

A fully camouflaged prototype of the new Sunny electric scooter was recently spotted testing around Pune. The test mule revealed that the new Sunny will retain most of the design elements of the original scooter, such as the large front fender, the boxy tail lamp and the rear grab handle/carrier. The main differences are that there is no exhaust pipe on the right side and the new Sunny does not have a spare tyre mounted on the floorboard.

A new EV platform based on Yulu

The new Sunny electric scooter is likely to be built on a new EV platform that Bajaj has co-developed with Yulu, a ride-sharing company in which Bajaj has a stake. Yulu currently offers two models of electric scooters, the Dex GR and the Miracle GR, which are both engineered and manufactured by Bajaj. The Dex GR is primarily a last-mile delivery vehicle, while the Miracle GR is sold for personal use.

The Yulu platform uses a hub-mounted motor and a removable battery system. The new Sunny electric scooter is expected to have similar features, but with higher performance and range. The test mule was seen accelerating briskly from the traffic lights and reaching speeds of about 40-50 kmph. The battery size and capacity are unknown, but they are likely to be much smaller than the 2.9 kWh unit used in the Bajaj Chetak, which is Bajaj’s only e-scooter in India at present.

A sub-Rs 1 lakh price tag

Bajaj Sunny to make a comeback as an electric scooter
Bajaj Sunny to make a comeback as an electric scooter

New Sunny electric scooter will be positioned lower than the Chetak, which plays in the premium segment of the e-scooter market. The Chetak is currently priced at Rs 1.42 lakh (ex-showroom), which makes it more expensive than some petrol-powered scooters. The new Sunny electric scooter is expected to be priced below Rs 1 lakh (ex-showroom), which will make it more accessible and affordable for urban commuters.

The launch date of the new Sunny electric scooter is not confirmed yet, but it could debut in late 2024 or early 2025. The new Sunny electric scooter will compete with other low-cost e-scooters in India, such as the Hero Electric Optima, Ampere Reo and Detel Easy Plus.

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