EV ScootersBGauss C12i EX: A new electric scooter launched with a removable battery

BGauss C12i EX: A new electric scooter launched with a removable battery


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RR Global’s brand BGauss has created a splash in India’s electric vehicle market by introducing its new electric scooter, the C12i EX. Till 19th September 2023, the C12i EX is available at a discounted rate of Rs 99,999 (ex-showroom). It’s quite an impressive launch, considering the success of BGauss’s prior electric scooter, the C12i MAX. Launched in June 2023, the C12i MAX managed to garner 6,000 bookings within three months of launch.

Battery and range

The C12i EX features a removable 2 kWh lithium-ion battery, which can be charged fully in three hours. The battery offers a certified ARAI range of 85 km on a single charge. The battery also has an IP-67 rating, which means it is waterproof and dustproof. The battery is connected to a 2500-WATT (P) Rotor, which provides the power to the electric scooter.

C12i EX features CAN-enabled technology, enabling the user to keep tabs on and control the scooter via a smartphone app. Tracking data such as battery status, speed, mileage and GPS position is available. Plus, the app grants access to additional features like remote locking and unlocking, geo-fencing, and anti-theft alarm.

Colour options and features

BGauss C12i EX
BGauss C12i EX

The C12i EX comes in seven attractive color options – Matte BGauss Blue, Foliage Green, Yellow Black, Red Black, Shiny Silver, Pearl White, and Brooklyn Black. Boasting a sleek and futuristic design, this electric scooter is further enhanced with LED headlights and tail lights, digital instrument cluster, and alloy wheels.

This vehicle also offers some beneficial features such as a USB charging port, lockable underfoot storage, CBS braking system, battery saving mode, side stand sensor, and a safety start switch. This scooter has two riding modes – Eco and Sport – to choose from based on your preferred setting.

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Warranty and bookings

BGauss C12i EX
BGauss C12i EX

BGauss is offering an extensive five-year warranty for the C12i EX electric scooter that covers the battery, motor, controller, charger and DC-DC converter. Boasting a network of over 100 dealerships across India, customers of the electric scooter have the option to buy at these brick-and-mortar locations. Alternatively, customers can make their purchase via the BGauss website. Bookings are also easily made on the site.

Attractive and affordable, the BGauss C12i EX electric scooter offers an impressive range, a removable battery, and smart connectivity features suitable for urban commuters on the hunt for a greener, more convenient mode of travel. A worthy competitor to the likes of Hero Electric Optima HX, Ampere Magnus Pro, and TVS iQube, the C12i EX electric scooter is sure to meet your commuting needs.

Depak Kumar
Depak Kumar
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