EV ScootersBrisk EV Showcased India's First Electric Scooter with Range of 333km

Brisk EV Showcased India’s First Electric Scooter with Range of 333km


Last updated on March 5th, 2023 at 09:12 pm

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Sustainable transportation is a buzzword in recent years as the use of fossil fuels has had a detrimental effect on our environment. BRISK EV, a Hyderabad-based company is taking the lead in India’s electric vehicle industry by producing two electric scooters with the name Origin and Origin Pro.

At the recently concluded Hyderabad e-motor show, these two EVs were showcased through virtual reality. This event presented a remarkable opportunity for the company to showcase its vehicles to a larger audience and generate enthusiasm about the possibility of owning an electric vehicle. It undoubtedly represents a positive stride towards a more environmentally sustainable mode of transportation.

It’s official! India now has the longest range electric scooter with the launch of the new model provides massive 333 km on a single charge. This is a major milestone for the two wheeler industry in the country,

Know more About BRISK EV Company

Swathi Vardhan and Vivek Kathi Reddy co-founded BRISK EV, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that aims to create a cleaner, greener future for India. The company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by producing eco-friendly and efficient electric scooters. Furthermore, BRISK EV’s products lead the way in the Indian EV industry which rapidly moves away from fossil fuels.


One notable aspect of BRISK EV is its dedication to promoting women entrepreneurship in the tech industry. With a female co-founder in Swathi Vardhan, the company is breaking barriers and paving the way for women to succeed in what has traditionally been a male dominated field. BRISK EV’s commitment to gender equality is a significant step towards a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.

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Furthermore, BRISK EV’s products have been well-received in India with the Origin and Origin Pro electric scooters being the company’s most successful models. The scooters are equipped with a powerful motor, a large battery, and advanced features, which make them excellent and ideal for daily use. The scooters are designed for environmentally friendly with zero emissions and a low carbon footprint.

Indian consumers are in for a treat as BRISK EV looks to revolutionize the two-wheeler industry. With their commitment to designing and manufacturing every component of their electric two-wheeler from scratch in India. Company is guaranteeing quality control and an ability to master each product to the needs of Indian consumers. 

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Specifications of BRISK Electric Scooters


Origin Electric Scooter Specs

NameOrigin EV
Range175 km on a single charge
Top Speed65kmph
Acceleration0-40 kmph in just 5 sec
Other FeaturesOTA(v2c) Bluetooth & mobile app
Price70,000-80,000 INR post-subsidy(expected)

Origin Pro Electric Scooter Specs

NameOrigin Pro
Range333 km on a single charge
Top Speed85kmph
Acceleration0-40 kmph in just 3.3 sec
Battery Capacity
4.8kWh(Fixed battery)+2.1kWh(swappable battery)
Motor Capacity5.5kW(peak power) and 2.1kW(Nominal)
Other FeaturesOTA(v2c) Bluetooth and mobile app
Price1,20,000-1,40,000 INR post-subsidy(expected)

Expected Launch Date

The launch of the electric two-wheeler is scheduled for October 2023 with production taking place at their facility in Hyderabad. BRISK EV is confident that their product will stand out from the competition and provide Indian consumers with an unparalleled experience. 

The company is also making strides in sustainability as electric two-wheelers are a greener alternative to traditional petrol powered vehicles. BRISK EV is trying to make a big difference in the two-wheeler industry.

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BRISK Battery and Display Photos

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