EV CarsChinese Made Xpeng X3 Electric Car Can Fly and Drive on Roads 

Chinese Made Xpeng X3 Electric Car Can Fly and Drive on Roads 


Chinese car maker Xpeng has revealed its one of the most-awaited prototype, the Xpeng X3. This looks like a normal car, but it has a special feature that no other vehicle has. Yes, this Chinese Made Xpeng X3 Electric car can fly and Drive on Roads, which seems weird but is reality.

Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors, known as Xpeng, is a Chinese-based electric vehicle manufacturer. The company was founded in 2014 by CEO He Xiaopeng. headquarters is located in Guangzhou. and also has offices in Mountain View, California, US.

Right now, Xiaopeng Motors has four car models: XPeng G9 SUV, XPeng G3i SUV, XPeng P7 sedan, and the XPeng P5 sedan. But Xpeng X3 is a company’s futuristic project that they are working on. Soon we will get to see cars not only on the road but also in the sky.

The Xpeng X3 car has giant rotors that we get to see on a Messi-sized drone. Recently, the company released a video of the Xpeng X3 flying in the sky. In that footage, this car was floting at a height of 30 feet. Watch the Video Below

Is the Xpeng X3 a car or a drone?

It’s very common to raise this kind of question when we see new technology, but it’s both. The X3 car can fly in the sky and also be driven on roads. As you can see in the picture below, this new prototype can take off vertically and land in the same state.

Xpeng X3
Xpeng X3

The X3 car can not only fly vertically but also move forward and have the ability to turn and come back to its original position before landing. As mentioned in the video, the Xpeng X3 weighs about 1950 kg (4,300 lbs), which makes this car even more special.

As cleared by the Futurism, the X3 looks quite long because of other hardware things and rotors.

Xpeng X3
Xpeng X3

There is no more information revealed regarding the Xpeng X3 prototype regarding its inside design, headwear, technology, controls, etc. We also don’t know if it even has a driving space or not. It will take a long time to see this prototype on the road because this car is still in a development stage.

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Last month, Xpeng revealed its prototype X2 in Dubai and captured the car taking off and flying vertically. Watch the full video below. What do you think of this flying car? Let us know in the comment section below.

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