NewsDangerous Stunt: Tesla, jumping 50 feet in the air More than 40...

Dangerous Stunt: Tesla, jumping 50 feet in the air More than 40 million people have watched this video

Los Angeles police suspect influential Dominicus Zeglaitis after sharing videos of the crash, saying "I smashed my new Tesla".


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A Tesla car tried to chase Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster, which tried to climb off a hill, but failed miserably, collided with two cars and turned into a police case.

The now-viral video shows a Tesla model in San Francisco jumping into an S-plaid air, eventually bleeding from the nose and crashing into several sparks after “flying” 50 feet. The incident took place at Echo Park in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Alex Choi, who shared the video on YouTube, says, “What you are going to see today is very stupid and very dangerous. Please do not try it at home.”

The incident took place when Youtuber conducted a Tesla drive attended by several people. Choi said in the video that David Dobrik wanted to show his Tesla jumping location by accident, that the drive was over without an accident, and then he jumped like his car had jumped a million times, “Choi said in the video.

However, this attempt to recreate Dobrik’s stunt has caught the attention of the police. NBC News reports that Los Angeles police are looking for a driver and have offered a reward of $ 1,000 for information.

Soon after, police announced on Twitter: “We’ve received more than 50 tips, expect more as the story goes viral. 90% of the tips are from the same person on @dominykas or @durtedom on Twitter.” The handle is on TikTok. He is believed to be the person of interest based on the public posting on his account.

Police then contacted Dominicus Zeglaitis , also known as Dirte Dome, and asked the witnesses to proceed.

Zeglaitis is a controversial social media personality. He was once part of Dobrik’s Vlog Squad and posted videos of the incident on his social media accounts. He has also claimed responsibility for the incident on his Tiktok profile. “I smashed my new Tesla,” he said in a video showing the car flying through the air.

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