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Detel EV: Electric bike with 60 km range now available for Just ₹47,000


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Detel EV: Considering a green and hassle-free way to travel? Electric bikes are growing in popularity, and if you’re on the hunt for an affordable one with a long range then Detel EV Easy Plus could be the perfect fit. It offers an impressive 60 km range on one battery charge, while its top speed can reach 25 kmph – plus it boasts some eye-catching features and a sleek design. Here’s a look at what makes it so special.

Price and Booking

At an unbeatable price of Rs 46,999, the Detel EV Easy Plus is one of the most affordable electric bikes in the market. Make a style statement with this eco-friendly E-bike that comes in an array of colors — choose from red, blue yellow, and black. Book your Detel EV easy Plus online by paying just Rs 1,999 as token amount. To make financing easy, you can also avail a loan with a down payment of Rs 5,000 and pay Rs 1,453 per month over three years at 9.7 percent interest rate. For customization of your plan, visit the nearest dealership.

Battery and Motor

Detel EV
Detel EV

Detel EV comes Equipped with a 250 watt motor, the Detel EV Easy Plus offers satisfactory performance. Plus, the battery on this electric bicycle has been built to last, and you get a two-year (or 40,000 km, whichever occurs first) warranty to back up that assurance. Taking six hours to recharge, its battery can keep this e-bike going for an estimated 60 km on a single charge; making it great for dailycommutes and short trips without anxiety of power depletion.

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Features and Design

It features a comfortable single seat for one rider, coupled with bright headlights that give good visibility during nighttime journeys. The tripmeter and digital speedometer show the speed and distance traveled. Its puncture-resistant, 16-inch tubeless tires provide superior traction and stability on the road. Additionally, the bike ensures safety with effective drum brakes on the front and rear wheels and telescopic forks at the front and twin shocks suspension at the rear, to cushion bumps on the road.


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Facing competition from other electric bikes in its category, such as the Gemopai Miso, the Detel EV Easy Plus holds its own unique advantages. At Rs 49,999, the Miso is slightly pricier. Moreover, its range of 50km on a single charge and top speed of 20 kmph are lower than those of the Detel EV Easy Plus. On the other hand, the Miso offers consumers dual seat option, disc brakes and a selection of attractive color choices.

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