EV ScootersElectron Electric Scooter Price: Pro, Pro X, and Pro MAX

Electron Electric Scooter Price: Pro, Pro X, and Pro MAX


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Electric scooters are becoming more popular in India as a viable alternative to petrol scooters, especially in the face of rising fuel prices and environmental concerns. There are many electric scooters available in the market, but not all of them can match the performance, design, and features of the Electron Electric Scooter. This e-scooter is developed by Hyderabad-based Electron Electric Motors, a company that claims to have created one of the most powerful electric scooters not just in India, but across the globe. In this review, we will take a look at the Electron Electric Scooter and see what makes it stand out from the crowd.


Electron Electric Scooter comes in three variants: Pro, Pro-X, and Pro-Max. The main difference between them is the power output of the motor and the battery capacity. Here are the specifications of each variant:

VariantMotor PowerBattery CapacityRange
Pro7 kW2.7 kWh100 km
Pro-X8.5 kW5.4 kWh200 km
Pro-Max9.6 kW5.4 kWh200 km

All variants use an IP67-rated mid-drive motor with a final chain drive, which gives them better torque and acceleration than hub motors. The batteries are lithium-ion and removable, which makes them easy to charge and swap. Top speed of all variants is limited to 90 kmph, as per Indian regulations.


Electron Electric Scooter
Electron Electric Scooter

Electron Electric Scooter has a unique and futuristic design that sets it apart from other e-scooters in the market. It has a boxy and angular shape that resembles a maxi-scooter, with a tall windscreen, a long saddle, a highway floorboard, and a prominent central spine. E-scooter also has LED lights, alloy wheels, petal disc brakes, and a digital instrument cluster. The e-scooter is available in four colors: black, white, red, and blue.

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The motor is the heart of any electric scooter, and the Electron Electric Scooter has a powerful one. The mid-drive motor is placed in the center of the frame, which gives it better balance and stability than hub motors. The motor also has a chain drive, which transfers the power more efficiently than belt drives. This motor can produce up to 9.6 kW of power in the top variant, which is equivalent to about 13 bhp. This makes it one of the most powerful electric scooters in India, and even globally. The motor can also deliver impressive acceleration, with the top variant claiming to go from 0 to 40 kmph in just 2.5 seconds.


Battery is another crucial component of any electric scooter, as it determines the range and charging time. The Electron Electric Scooter has a removable battery system, which means you can take out the battery and charge it at your convenience. You can also swap it with another battery if you need more range. Battery capacity varies from 2.7 kWh to 5.4 kWh depending on the variant, which translates to a range of 100 km to 200 km on a single charge. The battery also has fast charging capability, which can charge it up to 80% in just one hour.


The range of an electric scooter depends on many factors, such as speed, terrain, rider weight, weather, etc. However, based on the ARAI-certified figures, the Electron Electric Scooter can offer a decent range for daily commuting or occasional long rides. The base variant can cover up to 100 km on a single charge, while the mid and top variants can double that to 200 km. This is comparable to some of the best electric scooters in India, such as Ather 450X or Ola S1 Pro.

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Top Speed

The top speed of an electric scooter is limited by Indian regulations to 90 kmph for safety reasons. The Electron Electric Scooter can reach this speed easily with its powerful motor and aerodynamic design. However, if you want to go faster than that, you will have to wait for some policy changes or modifications.


Electron Electric Scooter
Electron Electric Scooter

Electron Electric Scooter is loaded with features that make it smart and convenient for modern riders. Some of these features are:

  • Keyless ignition: You can start or stop the e-scooter with just a tap on your smartphone or smartwatch.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: You can connect your smartphone or smartwatch to the e-scooter and access various functions, such as navigation, music, calls, etc.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: You can use these platforms to mirror your smartphone screen on the e-scooter’s dashboard and use various apps and services.
  • Tyre pressure monitor: You can monitor the tyre pressure of the e-scooter and get alerts if it is low or high.
  • Reverse mode: You can use this mode to move the e-scooter backwards easily in tight spaces or slopes.
  • Cruise control: You can set a constant speed and relax your throttle hand on long rides.
  • Regenerative braking: You can recover some of the energy lost during braking and extend the range of the e-scooter.


Price of the Electron Electric Scooter varies depending on the variant and the city of purchase. The base variant costs Rs 1,19,980, the mid variant costs Rs 1,59,997, and the top variant costs Rs 1,79,990. However, these prices may not include subsidies or other charges, so you will have to check with the dealer for the final price. The e-scooter is currently available for pre-booking for Rs 499 on the company’s website, but it is already out of stock. The delivery timeline is also uncertain, as the company claims it will take six months for customers to get their e-scooters.

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How to book

You can book the Electron Electric Scooter online through the company’s website. You will have to fill a form with your personal details, select your preferred variant and color, and pay Rs 499 as a booking amount. You will also have to select your nearest dealer from a list of available cities. However, as mentioned earlier, the e-scooter is currently out of stock and there is no clear information on when it will be available again.

Pros and cons

Electron Electric Scooter
Electron Electric Scooter

Electron Electric Scooter has many pros and cons that you should consider before buying it. Here are some of them:


  • Powerful and fast motor
  • Removable and fast-charging battery
  • Long range
  • Futuristic design
  • Smart features


  • Expensive
  • Out of stock
  • Uncertain delivery
  • Limited availability
  • Heavy weight


Electron Electric Scooter is a promising product that aims to offer a premium and powerful electric scooter experience to Indian riders. It has a lot of potential to compete with some of the best electric scooters in India, such as Ather 450X or Ola S1 Pro. However, it also has some drawbacks that may deter some customers, such as its high price, limited availability, uncertain delivery, and heavy weight. Therefore, if you are looking for an electric scooter that can offer you performance, design, and features at a reasonable price and with reliable service, you may want to wait for some more options or reviews before buying the Electron Electric Scooter.

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