Elesco Scooter: This electric scooter can go 10km with only Rs. 1

By | April 16, 2023

Great news for anyone in the market for an electric scooter – Elesco Eve has just unveiled two new models, the V1 and V2. These scooters boast a variety of features, with differences in range and price being the main distinguishing factors.

Both models have a charging time of approximately 6-7 hours, but what’s really impressive is their fast-charging capabilities. In just two hours, the battery can be charged up to 70-80 percent, meaning you can spend less time waiting and more time on the go. Plus, with an ex-showroom price of Rs. 69,999, these electric scooters are a great value.

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One of the standout features of the Elesco V1 and V2 is their three riding modes – Eco, City, and Sports. They also have a 2.3 KWH battery that can go the distance, with the V1 model capable of traveling up to 75 km per charge and the V2 model upgraded to reach a maximum of 85 km. To ensure a smooth ride, both models feature a 72 Vee Hub Motor.

In terms of design, these electric scooters have a lot to offer. With a ground clearance of 180 mm, a tubular steel frame, disc brakes, and LED lights, they’re built to last and look great too. Additional features include keyless ignition, a LED-based smart instrument cluster, USB mobile charging port, mobile application control, and GPS enablement for added convenience. Both models also come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a side stand sensor for added safety.

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One of the biggest advantages of electric scooters is their low running costs, and the Elesco V1 and V2 are no exception. According to the company’s website, it only takes between 10 to 15 paise to go a kilometer, which means you can travel up to ten kilometers for only one rupee. For anyone looking to save money on their daily commute, these electric scooters are an excellent choice.

These electric scooters come with a three-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

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