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Tata Nexon EV Battery Replacement Cost and Types 2023

Tata Nexon EV is India’s best-selling electric car, with over 40,000 customers and 1 billion km driven. The car offers a powerful performance, a long driving range, and a low maintenance cost. But what about the battery? How long does it last, and how much does it cost to replace it? Battery Specifications Tata Nexon… Read More »

No entry for BYD: India rejects Chinese EV maker’s $1 billion plan to set up car and battery plant

Indian government has turned down a $1 billion investment proposal by BYD Motors, a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, and its Indian partner Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL), to set up a four-wheeler manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, according to media reports. The proposal, which was submitted to the Department for Promotion of Industry and… Read More »

Kia EV6: The Electric Car That Made a Stunning Comeback

Kia’s EV6 is one of the most advanced and attractive electric cars in the market. It boasts a sleek design, a spacious interior, and a whopping 708km range on a single charge. But despite its impressive features, the EV6 had a dismal performance in sales for the first three months of 2023. It did not… Read More »

5 Bеst Affordable Elеctric Cars undеr 5 Lakhs in India 2023

As concеrns ovеr carbon еmissions and noisе pollution grow. Elеctric cars havе gainеd popularity in India for thеir еco friеndlinеss and rеmarkablе fuеl еfficiеncy. If you’rе sеarching for an affordablе yеt sustainablе modе of transportation, еxploring thе linеup of еlеctric cars availablе in India undеr 5 lakhs would cеrtainly bе worth considеring. Tata Nano EV… Read More »

Tata Punch EV Spotted Testing: Big Changes Revealed

The Indian auto giant Tata Motors is reportedly getting ready to electrify its popular micro-SUV, the Punch. Recently, spy shots of the Punch EV have been doing the rounds and it appears the vehicle is going through the necessary tests and development.  Prototype of the Punch EV was spotted on a flatbed truck and the… Read More »