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Ola Electric Scooter Owner Smashes His Vehicle With A Rod In Anger

Ola Electric, one of the top electric scooter manufacturers, is once again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. A latest video has surfaced showing a customer intentionally damaging his Ola electric scooter with a metal rod. The reason behind such an extreme action? Allegations of intentional harm by the company. Latest Controversy Surrounding… Read More »

Top 9 Best Electric Scooter Under 50,000 in India

Save money and the environment with the rising trend of electric scooters in India. These innovative modes of transportation run on rechargeable batteries that can be powered up with any standard outlet. With minimal maintenance costs and exemption from road tax and registration fees in most states, electric scooters are a smart and budget-friendly choice.… Read More »

Porwal Electric Enviro Classic Price, Specs, Range, Features

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, affordable and stylish electric scooter, you might want to check out the Porwal Electric Enviro Classic. This scooter is one of the latest offerings from Porwal Electric, a Karnataka-based company that aims to provide sustainable mobility solutions for urban commuters. In this article, we will review the features,… Read More »

Ather 450 Apex: India’s most powerful electric scooter with a range of 157 km launched at ₹1.89 lakh

Ather Energy, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in India, has launched a special edition electric scooter to mark its 10th anniversary. The scooter, named Ather 450 Apex, comes with unique riding features and impressive performance. It is priced at Rs 1.89 lakh (ex-showroom) and the bookings are open now. The deliveries are expected to start… Read More »

YO Bykes unveils its fastest electric scooter yet: YO TRUST-Drift Hx

Ahmedabad: YO Bykes, India’s leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has launched its high-speed electric scooter YO TRUST-Drift Hx model in Ahmedabad. The new model is a part of the company’s vision to provide eco-friendly and innovative solutions to the Indian consumers, who are increasingly looking for alternatives to conventional fuel-powered vehicles. A high-performance and eco-friendly ride… Read More »