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Ultraviolette celebrates World Motorcycle Day with UV SQUADRON, its official riding community

Ultraviolеttе, a Bеngaluru-basеd еlеctric two-whееlеr start-up backеd by TVS Motor Company, has launchеd its official riding community callеd UV SQUADRON. Thе company also hostеd its first community ridе in Bеngaluru on Junе 21, 2023, to cеlеbratе World Motorcyclе Day. Thе UV SQUADRON is a platform for F77 ownеrs and еnthusiasts to connеct, еxchangе еxpеriеncеs and… Read More »

Electric Two-Wheeler Manufacturers in Bangalore

India’s technology capital is continuing to make strides toward a greener future and the demand for electric two wheelers is growing exponentially. From tech-savvy millennials to busy commuters, riders are beginning to recognize the benefits of electric mobility. Riders far exceed the cost savings on fuel, maintenance, and battery life of petrol-powered scooters while providing… Read More »

Best Electric Cycle in India 2023

Electric vehicles are already becoming famous all over the world due to their various advantages over normal patrol-powered vehicles. In the realm of personal transportation, electric cycles are emerging as a healthy and exciting option. Enthusiasts find electric cycles to be a perfect fit because they offer the dual benefits of pedaling for health and… Read More »

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Is Here With Surprising Details

Royal Enfield, iconic Indian motorcycle manufacturer is finally entering the electric vehicle market. In a recent interview with Autocar Professional, Siddhartha Lal, MD of Eicher Motors, the parent company of Royal Enfield revealed some details of the upcoming electric bike. Lal has observed a growing trend in electric mobility that is particularly attractive for short-distance… Read More »

Matter Aera: Pre-bookings Now Open for India’s First Geared Electric Motorcycle

Ahmedabad-based electric vehicle (EV) startup Matter has announced the opening of pre-bookings for its electric motorcycle Aera, India’s first geared electric motorbike. Starting from May 17, 2023 customers from 25 cities across India including major metropolitans like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad can pre-book the Aera 5000 and Aera 5000+ models at a… Read More »

5 Best Electric Fat Bikes in India 2023

Are you considering buying an electric fat bike in India this year? If so, you are in right place. With the growing popularity of electric bicycles in India, a number of manufacturers have released a variety of electric fat bikes. When we have so many options of fat electric bikes, it becomes quite difficult to… Read More »

Windgoo B3 Review: Specs, Battery, Motor, Features

The transportation industry is recognizing the efficiency, eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness of the Windgoo B3 Electric Scooter. All qualities that have made electric scooters increasingly popular in recent years. In this review, we will closely examine the Windgoo B3 and explore what makes it unique. We will assess its design, features, performance and other aspects to… Read More »

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Review 2023

As a passionate cyclist, you know the importance of having the perfect electric mountain bike for your outdoor escapades. That’s why we are exited to introduce the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike – a leading option in the world of electric mountain bikes. The Jetson Adventure impresses with its engineering, offering riders an unparalleled biking experience.… Read More »