Finally Simple One Electric Scooter is coming to rule the Indian market on May 23

By | May 18, 2023

The wait is finally over! Bengaluru-based electric vehicle startup Simple Energy has begun production of its Simple One electric scooter with the first unit rolling out of the factory earlier this month. After multiple delays and setbacks the highly anticipated launch is just days away and the company is now busy ramping up production to meet the expected demand. The official launch date is set for May 23rd giving EV enthusiasts a chance to get their hands on this sleek new ride.

Taking on Established Rivals and New Entrants

It’s challenging established brands like Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450X and TVS iQube ST, as well as recent arrivals such as Hero Vida V1 Pro. Simple Energy is looking to differentiate itself by addressing the ‘range anxiety’ issue head on. By focusing on providing a greater range, they hope to make their mark in this competitive market.

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Impressive Range and Features

Simple One
Simple Energy One

The Simple One electric scooter is set to make waves in the market with its impressive range of 236 kilometers on a single charge. This is sure to be a game changer for electric scooter users who can now look forward to longer rides without worrying about running out of juice. With its bold and edgy design, the Simple One looks like a real head-turner. The sleek triangular headlight housing, LED turn indicators, and tail lights inspired by the Apache RR 310 further add to the appeal of the scooter. Bookings for the Simple One can be made for an initial amount of Rs. 1,947, which is fully refundable. The company has promised to reveal the exact price of the scooter on May 23rd.

Impressive Power and Performance

Initially, discussions centred around a 4.8 kWh fixed battery and the option for two removable batteries, totaling 6.4 kWh. However, the production model now includes a 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery and an 8.5 kW motor that produces 11 bhp and 72 Nm of torque. This makes the scooter capable of accelerating from 0 to 40 km/h in a mere 2.77 seconds with a top speed of 105 km/h. Furthermore, it offers 4.5 kW or 6.03 bhp of continuous power and has obtained AIS 156 Amendment 3 certification from ICAT. Additionally, the Simple One offers a swappable battery option which can increase the range up to 300km.

Feature-Loaded and Safe

Simple One

It’s equipped with LED headlamps with tail maps, a 7-inch touchscreen instrument cluster with 4G connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity for music and calls, an onboard navigation system, and various driving modes. In addition, the scooter offers a generous 30-liter under-seat storage compartment that makes it a practical choice for everyday use. For those who place safety at the top of their priority list, the Simple One offers the assurance of AIS 156 Amendment 3 certification. This certification covers the safety requirements for electric powertrain vehicles, so riders can be rest assured of their safety. Plus, it comes in four chic colors: Brazen Black, Namma Red, Azure Blue, and Grace White.

One Loop Charging Network and Commendable Components

As the hype and excitement surrounding Simple Energy’s upcoming electric scooter reaches a fever pitch, the company has made the promise of a One Loop charging network for the scooter. Although details regarding its availability are yet to be revealed, the Simple One electric scooter is already turning heads for its range of impressive features. From conventional telescopic front forks, 90/90-12 tires wrapped on 12″ alloy wheels, and disc brakes at both ends with patented combi brakes, to its 115 kg wet weight that offers a commendable balance of performance and agility, the scooter is sure to make a big splash in the EV market. Despite the lack of information about its One Loop charging network, Simple Energy’s Simple One electric scooter looks set to become an instant hit among buyers when it is released.

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