EV BikesHero Electric to launch premium e-bikes under A2B brand

Hero Electric to launch premium e-bikes under A2B brand


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Hero Electric, India’s leading electric two-wheeler company and a leader in city speed e-mobility, has announced its plans to diversify into the premium e-bike segment under the A2B brand. The company aims to create differentiated brands for different market categories, catering to the emerging demands of the Indian consumers.

A2B: A premium e-bike brand

A2B is set to launch a broad range of top-tier products, including electric bikes, scooters, and other fresh variants in the sector. The business envisions a product array that unites sophisticated styling with meticulous performance, tailored to hold up to Indian roads and weather conditions.

Hero Electric are ramping up their innovation, with A2B housing the latest technologies, powerful batteries, a powertrain that fits like a glove, and an eye-catching design that appeals to premium customers.

Naveen Munjal, Managing Director of Hero Electric, has announced a de-aggregation strategy with particular brand offerings in distinct segments. This maneuver attempts to keep their core base strong with Hero Electric, while allowing them to lock horns with competitors as the industry continues to intensify. Munjal declared in a statement, “We want to concentrate on our traditional market with the Hero Electric brand, as well as have the opportunity to explore new segments with increased competition in this sector.”

Hero Electric: A legacy player in the mass mobility segment

Hero Electric has come a long way since its humble beginnings fifteen years ago. Boasting a range of electric scooters, the company truly has a presence in the clean energy revolution in India. The Ludhiana-based manufacturer has even further solidified its foothold in the industry through strategic partnerships with the Mahindra Group, through which they have a shared facility in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. With their numerous years of experience in electric mobility and commitment to rocketing growth and development, Hero Electric is primed to lead the way in the world of electric vehicles.

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Electric two-wheelers may suffer some turbulence in the near future, but with intensified focus on sustainability and the shift towards cleaner transportation, there is great growth potential for it in both the mid and long terms.

Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, commented, “At Hero Electric, we acknowledge that having our brand as the foundation for our e-mobility goals is essential. That said, we recognize that the success of our company lies in making sure each specialized area of the market has its own individual brand to bring focus and unique distinction in the sectors it represents. As we continue to progress, we plan on investing in more brands specifically tailored to different market categories, which will supplement the well-known Hero brand in the mass-transport segment.”

India has a great opportunity to delve into the world of e-mobility, and we are optimally prepared to meet the ever-growing demands, particularly from the luxury market. Our enthusiasm mirrors India’s goal of becoming an international hub for electric vehicles, and we are passionate to make it happen, said Gill.

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