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Honda EM1 e: Most anticipated futuristic electric scooter to launch soon, Know Specs, Features


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Honda has announced plans to release a series of electric two-wheel motorcycles in the coming years, starting with the EM1 e electric moped. This model, which made its debut at the Milan Motorcycle Show in November, will be available in Europe by the summer of 2023.

The EM1 e is geared towards young consumers looking for a quick and convenient means of transportation in urban areas. It features a top speed of 40 km/h and a driving range of over 40 km on a single charge.

The battery is removable, allowing it to be charged or swapped out for a fully charged one at a separate location. Honda’s EM1 e is designed to be a low-emission option for short trips around the city, such as commuting to work or school.

Honda is also developing more powerful electric motorcycles that are expected to hit the market within the next three years. The company has stated its goal of making its entire line of motorcycles carbon-neutral by 2050, and the introduction of these electric two-wheelers is a significant step towards that target.

Honda has partnered with other manufacturers, including Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, and Piaggio, for its Mobile Power Pack program, which is aimed at further advancing electric two-wheel technology. Overall, it looks like Honda is making a strong push into the electric two-wheel market and is committed to producing more sustainable and environmentally friendly motorcycles in the future.

Range40 km on a single charge
Top Speed40 km
Battery Typeremovable battery
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Honda aims to make the use of electric vehicles easier and more convenient. The scooter is equipped with interchangeable batteries, which can be quickly swapped out at dedicated service stations. This means that riders will not have to worry about running out of power on long journeys, as they can simply replace their depleted battery with a fully charged one.

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In addition to its interchangeable battery system, the EM1 e boasts a number of other features. It has an electric motor located in the hub of the rear wheel, 10-inch rims, a front disc brake and rear drum brake, and a battery located under the seat. It also has a luggage rack, rear footrests, and a USB plug and anti-theft alarm. The scooter is lightweight, weighing just 83 kg in its basic form.

Honda has not yet released any information about the availability or pricing of the EM1 e in Europe, but it is worth noting that the company’s similar U-Go model was sold at affordable prices in China. It is expected that the EM1 e: will be similarly reasonably priced when it becomes available in Europe.

Overall, the EM1 e looks like an exciting addition to Honda’s electric vehicle lineup, and one that could help to make electric scooters a more appealing option for riders. Its interchangeable battery system is a particularly innovative feature, and one that could make a big difference in terms of the convenience and practicality of electric scooters.

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