EV ScootersHonda Launches Honda EM1 e its First Electric Scooter in Europe

Honda Launches Honda EM1 e its First Electric Scooter in Europe


Honda Motor Europe has just unveiled its latest electric vehicle (EV) – the Honda EM1 e: 2023 – symbolizing the company’s commitment to electric transition plans. This marks the company’s entry into the electric scooter segment in Europe. The Honda EM1 e: received a warm welcome at the esteemed EICMA 2022 global show in Milan, eliciting great anticipation among EV fans.

Introducing the Honda EM1 e and its Primary Focus

Honda is proving their commitment to sustainable urban mobility solutions with the introduction of the EM1 e: 2023. This electric moped is the perfect solution for city-dwellers looking for an eco-friendly way to get around. The EM1 e: is equipped with a 1.7 kilowatt brushless electric motor located in the hub to provide direct propulsion. It is able to generate 90 Nm of torque and offers an impressive range of 41.3 kilometers, which can be extended to 48 kilometers in Eco mode, with a single charge. Plus, it can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h. 

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Innovative Honda Mobile Power Pack e: System

Honda is taking their commitment to provide a versatile power supply to the European market one step further with the introduction of the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: (HMPP) interchangeable system in the EM1 e: 2023. This new system will be made available to customers through leasing, rental, or subscription packages, depending on the specific market, meaning EM1 e: riders have the convenience of easy charging at home, school, or work.

Charging Capabilities and Longevity of the HMPP e

Honda EM1 e electric scooter
Honda EM1 e electric scooter

Honda has released all the important information about charging their HMPP e: system. With the included charger and a regular household outlet, you can charge the power pack from empty to full in about six hours. This shows that Honda understands the real needs of electric vehicle owners, as it only takes 2.7 hours to charge the battery from 25% to 75%. Honda’s internal tests have also proved that the HMPP e: can be recharged up to 2,500 times, providing a reliable and long-lasting experience.

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Implications for European Markets and Future Developments

Honda Motor Europe is breaking the mold with their approach to introducing the EM1 e in various European countries. Rather than relying on the conventional method of direct sales, Honda is exploring new avenues such as leasing, rental, and subscription packages to meet the needs of different customers. This move is indicative of Honda’s ability to stay ahead of the game and deliver a variety of mobility solutions. What remains unclear, however, are Honda’s plans to set up Power Pack Exchanger e: stations or broaden the HMPP e: system, depending on the success of the EM1 e: in Europe. This could mean exciting developments to look forward in the near future.

Design and Features of the Honda EM1 e

Honda EM1 e electric scooter
Honda EM1 e electric scooter

With its full LED lighting, you’ll get enhanced visibility to make your ride safer and easier. For added convenience, the bike comes with a USB socket for charging your devices, and a 3.3 liter storage space beneath the seat. To make sure you and your passenger have enough room to store their things, there’s additional storage space on the left side of the fairing, plus a bag hook and grab bars.

Pricing, Weight, and Specifications

The much anticipated Honda EM1 e is on the verge of making its way into India. Though the exact price is yet to be announced, it is widely expected that the launch will happen soon. This electric scooter is lightweight and highly maneuverable, weighing only 95 kgs in total. The 10.3 kgs HMPP e: battery and 5.3 kgs of Honda charger make this scooter agile and perfect for navigating through city roads. With its arrival, the Indian market is sure to get a new and exciting mode of transportation.

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Braking and Suspension

it’s packed with features to ensure safe and comfortable riding. It’s equipped with a 190mm disc brake and single-piston caliper at the front, and a 110mm drum brake at the rear, all connected via the Combined Braking System (CBS). This guarantees riders the utmost in braking performance and safety. The suspension system is also impressive, comprising of a 31mm telescopic fork at the front and a twin-tube twin shock at the rear, ensuring a comfortable ride no matter the terrain.

Colors, Availability, and Contacting Honda

This electric scooter has been released with three dynamic color options: Pearl White, Metallic Silver, and Metallic Black. Depending on the region in Europe, the prices and availability of the EM1 e: may vary. To learn more about this exciting model or to take it for a spin, those interested should reach out to their local Honda dealer for additional details. Honda dealerships are ready to answer any questions, address any concerns, and help customers make the best decision for their needs. 

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