EV ScootersHow to Charge Ather 450x at Home

How to Charge Ather 450x at Home


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If you own an electric scooter, the question of how to charge the vehicle often arises. Your options are limited at best. If you don’t have access to a charging point, your options are pretty much limited to charging it overnight at home.

For most electric vehicles, this isn’t a problem as there are charging points at most homes. However, if you live in an apartment, this might not be an option. In a bid to solve this problem, Ather Energy has come up with two kinds of EV charging points for Home.

Portable charger and a Dot charger These two have different features. Before we get into how to charge the Ather 450X, it is important to know what is portable and Dot charger is.

What is a portable charger?

As the name says, if someone doesn’t have a parking spot or travels a long distance, it may be challenging to find a charging grid on which they can take advantage of a portable charger. You can carry this charger anywhere and can charge it by connecting it to the home wall outlet.

What is a portable charger?
What is a portable charger?

How to charge the Ather 450X at Home using a portable charger

  1. Here you will get the converter and the scooter connector.
  2. First, connect the portable charger to the wall outlet.
  3. Switch off your scooter’s motor and insert the connector into the scooter port.
  4. Now on the socket switch, after this charger adaptor’s red light starts to blink.
  5. This portable charger takes 3 hours and 35 minutes to charge from 0 to 80% and 5 hours and 35 minutes to fully charge.
  6. Following these methods, you can easily charge the Ather 450X at home using a portable charger.
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What is a Dot Charger?

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The Ather Dot is best for those who travel in the city and need 80-100km of range. This is designed for overnight charging. But it is not a fast charger, so it is used as a night charger. The Ather Dot Charger is specifically developed for one scooter. You can’t charge other Ather scooters by using your charger. A professional electrician installs this Ather charger. It cost ₹1800+GST.

What is a Dot Charger?
What is a Dot Charger?

How to charge the Ather 450X at Home using a Dot Charger

  1. With the Ather Dot Charger, you will get a prcd plug(Portable Residual Current Device).
  2. First, you need to insert the charger plug into the switchboard. After turning the switch on, the adaptor shows a red light.
  3. After plugging in the scooter, the charger displays a green light, indicating that it is ready to charge the scooter and that the charger is healthy.
  4. When the green light starts to blink, which means it is charging the scooter.
  5. Charging time is comparable to that of a portable charger; it takes 50 hours and 35 minutes to charge fully.
  6. The Ather Dot charger comes with a 3-year warranty.

Following all these methods, you can charge your ather scooter at home. We hope this post is helpful to you. If so, make sure to share it with your friends, and don’t forget to follow us on social media.

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