EV BikesJetson Adventure Electric Bike Review 2023

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Review 2023


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As a passionate cyclist, you know the importance of having the perfect electric mountain bike for your outdoor escapades. That’s why we are exited to introduce the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike – a leading option in the world of electric mountain bikes.

The Jetson Adventure impresses with its engineering, offering riders an unparalleled biking experience. You can confidently take on the toughest terrains with its 9 levels of pedal assist and 21-speed transmission system, which provide control and performance metrics demanded by experienced riders. The LCD display enhances your experience, taking your performance to the next level.

The Jetson Adventure is ready to take you to the next level and beyond with its exceptional performance, advanced features, and rugged construction. Let’s explore this electric bike’s features to see if it fits your outdoor adventures.

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike Specifications

BatteryPanasonic 36V, 7.8Ah lithium-ion
Range30 miles
Top Speed20-mph
Load Capacity300 pounds
Weighs42 pounds

Design & Build Quality

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike features double-walled deep-V rims that provide a smooth and comfortable ride. These rims are designed to be extra durable ensuring the bike’s longevity. The shock absorbing suspension fork absorbs shocks and bumps from rough terrain.

This Electric Bike can withstand tough conditions due to its high-quality aluminum frame that is both strong and lightweight. Also it offers riders a perfect balance of maneuverability and durability.

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 Jetson Adventure Electric Bike’s build quality is impressive. Its components, from the tires to the brakes are all top-notch. The bike’s lightweight aluminum alloy frame ensures maximum durability and the battery is well-protected to ensure it lasts for years. If you are considering longer rides the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike is a great choice due to its comfortable seating, control features and durable components, making it ideal for long-distance journeys.

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Gear and Wheels

Tackle any terrain with confidence with the Jetson Adventure electric mountain e-bike. The 27.5-inch wheels, 21 gears, and sturdy alloy frame make it the perfect choice for tackling rough trails and steep hills. 

Cruise around town or explore the wilderness with a sense of freedom and ease. Enjoy the comfort of a cushioned seat and the convenience of an adjustable handlebar, while the removable bell lets you choose whether to make your presence known or just take in the sights in peace.

With its ergonomic body frame, powerful motor and durable design, you can ride with confidence knowing that you’ll be able to go further and faster than ever before. And if you ever have any issues, the one-year limited warranty provides the assurance that you’re covered. 

Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed

Jetson Adventure Electric Bike
Jetson Adventure Electric Bike

Firstly, let’s talk about power. Jetson Adventure’s 250W motor is housed within a robust aluminum frame, with the Panasonic 36V, 7.8Ah lithium-ion battery neatly tucked away at its core. It is no slouch when it comes to power, and charging it only takes 6 hours before you’re ready to go.

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Next, let’s discuss comfort. You can customize the fit of the bike to suit your body shape and riding style with the full suspension setup and adjustable handlebars. The 4” wide tires provide plenty of cushioning to absorb the bumps and shocks from the trail, and the tektro disc brakes give you quick, responsive stopping power no matter the terrain.

This electric bike has a maximum range of 30 miles and Top speed of up to 20-mph on a single charge.

The Jetson Adventure is a great choice for those who want an electric bike that is both lightweight and easy to use. It weighs only 42 pounds, making it surprisingly portable, and the electric motor makes it a breeze to ride. It can also carry up to 300 pounds of weight, Beginners will find it incredibly simple to use, with no complicated button-pushing or gadgetry needed.

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Company designed this seat to be shockproof ensuring that you won’t feel any jarring effects of the ride even when navigating through bumpy terrain. Additionally, this bike seat offers incredible adjustability allowing you to customize it to your height, riding style, and even for those as young as 13.

The adventurer bike seat is so comfortable for a reason it’s crafted using high-quality materials that offer a great combination of softness and support. You won’t have to worry about experiencing any discomfort after your ride even when traveling long distances.

Seat’s shockproof design protects you from potential injuries and discomfort caused by bumps on the road. Moreover, it is exceptionally sturdy and durable, so you can ride without worrying about it breaking or malfunctioning.


INCLINE electric bike boasts a powerful feature that sets it apart from the rest of the pack – it can climb angles of up to 15 degrees! With this impressive capability, you can tackle challenging hills without feeling like gravity is constantly being fought against.

Safety Features

The Jetson Adventure Electric Bike covers safety and provides an interactive LCD display to keep riders informed about their location and surroundings. Additionally, front and back lights make night riding effortless. However, the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike does not include lights, compromising safety.

In terms of safety features, the Lapierre Esensium 300 and the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike are like night and day. While the Lapierre Esensium 300 lacks safety features, the Jetson Adventure Electric Bike was designed with safety in mind. It comes equipped with powerful disc brakes and safety lights, ensuring that riders are adequately protected.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Durable and long-lasting build quality.
  2. 500-watt Bafang motor offers powerful performance.
  3. 48-volt battery provides strong, consistent power.
  4. Adjustable handlebars and full suspension setup for a custom fit.
  5. Tektro disc brakes provide quick, responsive stopping power.
  6. Lightweight aluminum alloy frame ensures maximum durability.
  7. 4” wide tires provide cushioning and shock absorption.
  8. Can climb angles of up to 15 degrees.
  9. Shockproof seat ensures comfort and protection.
  10. One-year limited warranty provides assurance.


  1. Not the most compact electric bike.
  2. LCD display may require some getting used to.
  3. Battery charging may take up to 6 hours.
  4. No lights included for night riding.
  5. Not suitable for heavier riders.
  6. May not be suitable for tackling tough terrain.
  7. Can be expensive for some.
  8. Does not have an app for tracking performance.
  9. May not be suitable for long-distance journeys.
  10. Not suitable for riders under 13 years old.

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In conclusion, if you want to get out and explore the great outdoors the Jetson Adventure electric mountain bike is a great choice. It’s a reliable and affordable e-bike that can withstand tough weather and different terrains. The Jetson Adventure is a powerhouse with its 21-speed transmission system and top speed of 20mph.

Riders of all levels can easily find the perfect speed for their ride with nine levels of pedal assist. Additionally, it can tackle any terrain you throw at it thanks to its versatility. Unfortunately, it’s not the most compact electric bike.

All in all, the Jetson Adventure electric mountain bike is an outstanding option for anyone seeking a dependable and powerful e-bike. Its affordability and versatility make it a great value for outdoor adventurers. If you’re looking for a quality electric mountain bike, you should definitely consider the Jetson Adventure.

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