KTM’s Upcoming E-Scooter Spotted Testing Abroad, Could Be Released under Husqvarna Brand

By | June 13, 2023

Reports are abuzz that KTM’s next big step in the two-wheeler segment is currently underway, with a test mule of its upcoming e-scooter spotted at a foreign location. While the vehicle shrouded in secrecy failed to give away any markers or symbols of KTM, the rider was seen sporting a KTM jacket, hinting that this could be the rumored two-wheeler. Moreover, rumors have it that KTM’s e-scooter may be released under its sibling, Husqvarna, when it goes on sale. From the images, it looks like the vehicles, developed in collaboration with Bajaj, could potentially house 3D-printed exterior parts. Interestingly, its size is slightly larger than that of traditional electric scooters, but what remains to be seen is what features it will carry, something we hope to learn soon.

E-Scooter Identity: KTM or Husqvarna?

Rumors have been swirling regarding the true identity of a prototype scooter recently spotted on the roads. While test driver’s clothing featured the KTM lettering, interesting questions have been raised. Is the scooter meant for KTM or its parent company, Husqvarna? Two arguments point towards the latter. For one, KTM boss Stefan Pierer has been openly doubtful that scooters would fit in with the sporty motorcycle brand. Secondly, the Erlkönig scooter’s design elements are extremely similar to those already seen in current Husqvarna models. This lends further credence to the idea that the prototype is a product of Kiska, the company responsible for engineering the look of all KTM and Husqvarna vehicles. So far, speculation is the only thing that can give us a real glimpse of the scooter’s true identity. But given that Husqvarna has already seen success in the e-scooter market, the Erlkonig scooter may be slated for a similar fate.

Design Features and Specifications

Atop the sleek prototype lies an expansive windscreen, alloy wheels, a TFT display, and vertically stacked twin projector headlights with air ducts positioned on either side. Its cycle parts include a telescopic fork at the front and a horizontally-mounted monoshock setup at the rear, along with a lightweight aluminum swingarm. Additionally, the battery pack’s cover flaunts fins, presumably to help with cooling, while the rear disc brake setup comes with ABS. All these features are complemented by a battery cell housed on the floorboard. Also Read: Ola S1 and S1 Air Electric Scooter Battery Option stopped, now only this variant will be available

Powertrain and Future Release

It seems KTM is set to hit the road with their own electric scooter, and excitement is growing in anticipation of the highly-anticipated official unveiling! Reports suggest two versions of the scooter could be in the works- one offering 4 kW, and the other 8 kW motor power. These are expected to provide the scooter a top speed of 100 kmph. KTM debuted the concept initially in 2019 and are anticipated to make the official launch later this year at EICMA. Meanwhile, Husqvarna previewed their own Vectorr electric scooter offering a top speed of 45 km/h earlier in 2021. But the Erlkönig prototype that emerged in June 2023 is reportedly of a larger variant- potentially in the light-duty scooter category- and could provide an 11 kW power output and a top speed of around 100 km/h. 

The EMotion Project and Future Development

KTM, partnering with Austrian universities, institutes, and Indian partner Bajaj, is making important strides in uncovering the potential of electric mobility in the L-category vehicle segment. Their EMotion project consists of two versions of an electric scooter, one for the small scooter category and the other for the light scooter category. The first version runs on a 4 kW (5.5 hp) motor, enabling top speeds of 45 km/h; the second version deploys and 8 kW (11 hp) motor, with an estimated peak of 100 km/h. The prototype is designed with a low centre of gravity, thanks to the front-located battery cells, and lightweight aluminum rear wheel swingarm. Further details include disc brakes on each wheel, ABS sensors, a large display in the cockpit, and a practical under-seat storage compartment. The development of this innovative electric scooter is being subsidised by the state of Austria and the European Union.

Future Outlook and Timeline

It’s become clear that KTM is continuing their work towards electric vehicle development, as the newly spotted electric scooter has revealed further evidence of their progress. Using a combination of plastic fairing parts and aluminum components, the scooter gives a glimpse at what the final production version of the vehicle may look like, yet it may still be a few years until KTM is ready to make it available to the public. A debut of the scooter isn’t expected before 2024 or 2025, and since its initial introduction in 2013, the KTM E-Speed concept has been continually updated and refined. Moreover, their partnership with Indian manufacturer Bajaj was considered successful enough to bring about the E-Motion concept in 2020. Also Read: Iconic Kinetic Luna Makes a Comeback as Electric Moped: First Image Leaked

KTM’s commitment to electric mobility is far-reaching. The Austrian manufacturer is putting their cutting-edge design and engineering capabilities to work to develop an electric scooter with unprecedented levels of convenience, affordability and eco-friendliness. Teaming up with Bajaj, one of the most esteemed manufacturers in India, KTM is creating an e-scooter that could be up to the task of revolutionizing commuting and short-distance travel. Potentially, the project could also involve Husqvarna, KTM’s sister brand, further inspiring confidence in the e-scooter’s innovative engineering.

Image Source: https://www.motorradonline.de/

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