EV BatteryLog9 and TORK Motors Pioneer the Next Phase of Battery Evolution

Log9 and TORK Motors Pioneer the Next Phase of Battery Evolution


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December 5th, 2023, National: Log9 and TORK Motors, India’s first electric motorcycle and 3W electric powertrain manufacturer, have partnered to promote interoperable charging infrastructure in the country under the Bharat Charge Alliance (BCA) initiative. Both Log9 and TORK Motors are members of BCA.

Log9, India’s leading battery pack manufacturer, has introduced Type 6-Bharat LEV fast charging across its new battery platforms in the 2W/3W space. Type 6 is going to be the low voltage fast charge standard in the next generation, with multiple OEMs adopting the same.

Under this partnership, TORK Motors and Log9 will allow customers of both brands to utilise their chargers and charging network, which is based on BCA’s LEV DC interoperable standard (IS 17017-25 & IS 17017-2-6 released by BIS in 2021). The partnership also implies that any update on the technology front, which includes but not limited to connector, protocol and payment gateway will be mutually agreed and implemented by both companies to ensure sustained interoperability.

Both companies will work together to promote BCA’s LEV DC interoperable charging infrastructure and enable their respective customers to charge on each other’s public charging network. Additionally, other OEM customers implementing IS 17017-2-6 & IS 17017-25 standard will also be able to utilize their combined network for charging the vehicles.

Kartik Hajela, COO-Log9 said, “Govt. push around standardised low voltage, fast charging platform was always missing as CCS was high voltage. So, a low voltage fast charging platform needed to be standardised and Log9 being at the forefront of fast charging in last mile commercial EV platforms has been a big advocate for such fast charge protocols interoperable between OEMs in this category as it holds enormous scale potential. Bharat LEV or type 6 technology introduced by the govt. will help in standardising fast charging across platforms and Log9 has developed grounds up charging control systems to adopt this technology across its platforms.”

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Speaking on the partnership with Log9, Kapil Shelke, Founder & CEO – TORK Motors said, “This partnership is yet another step towards promotion of interoperability among OEMs and ancillary companies in the Indian EV market. We have always advocated the importance of interoperability through the Bharat Charge Alliance initiative and are working towards establishing a comprehensive charging infrastructure that transcends manufacturers and benefits EV users across the country.” 

About Log9:

Log9 is a leading provider of advanced energy solutions, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to create a sustainable and efficient future. With a focus on innovation, Log9 is at the forefront of developing solutions that redefine the possibilities in energy storage and electric vehicle charging. To know more about the company, www.log9materials.com

About TORK Motors Pvt. Ltd. 

TORK Motors is India’s first electric motorcycle manufacturer, registered in the year 2010. The brand has a rich and glorious legacy of racing at the ‘Isle of Man’ and is backed by the Bharat Forge group and Mr. Ratan Tata. Kapil Shelke, the founder of TORK Motors has leveraged his racing experience in making the brand India’s top electric vehicle manufacturer. TORK Motors has filed more than 50 patents and designs under IPR (Intellectual Property Rights bolstering its R&D and cutting-edge technology since its inception. To know more about the company, visit www.torkmotors.com 

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