EV CarsLucid Now Offers Three Years Of Unlimited Free Charging

Lucid Now Offers Three Years Of Unlimited Free Charging


Lucid Motors has announced that customers who order with Air later this month will benefit from its partnership with Electrify America.

New buyers will have three years to “meet” anywhere in the United States if they pay for a reservation by June 30, 2022.

There are about 800 public stations in the charging network. It has about 3,500 individual chargers, mostly 150 kW. 350 kW (including high-speed charging), used for 800 V architectural vehicles, is still not standard across the country. But they made! Supplementary charging is available for any Air model.

After the car gets completed charging, Lucid pays for a 10-minute grace period. New customers should know that three years of free charging will begin once enrollment in the Lucid app is complete.

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The network could not fully utilize the web, A small catch said. Lucid said air owners must adhere to the “fair personal use” parameters for three years. What this means is still unknown.

Customers need to read better prints to avoid additional charges. Any Lucid Air model connected to a 350-kW station can reach 300 miles (482 km) in 22 minutes. Plug in for free for 36 months, wait for the battery to recharge, and choose a charging plan.

Lucid Air can range in price from $ 87,400 to $ 154,000. If you reserve now, the Pure Trim will cost $ 300 or $ 1,000 for the Turing and Grand Turing models. The Lucid Air Pure delivers 406 miles (653 km) and 480 hp (473 bhp), while the Top Trim, also known as Grand Turing, offers 516 miles (830 km) and 1,050 hp (1,035 bhp) packs.

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