New Tesla voice command will let your car fart

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All Tesla models are coming soon with a new feature fitted with an external speaker, which allows your car to make great noises outside the car. The addition of this new feature was confirmed by Elon’s recent tweet in March.

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According to Elon’s tweet, Fart Sound, now a feature of Tesla’s toybox, will ask you to say “Fart in their general direction”.

Emissions Toybox feature

Currently, the toybox is in the entertainment section of the featured car infotainment system. One of the features available in Toybox is the emissions test mode. This allows the car to play random sounds through its speakers.

You can choose which speaker the sound comes from, the idea that the sound is coming from a particular person or seat.

You can own your car to play holiday shows, turn on Mars mode, which puts the car in the landscape of Mars, and turn on romance mode, which lets you set your own opinion with the virtual fireplace. Allows you to socialize with loved ones.

How does Tesla play sounds on the exterior of the vehicle?

In addition to improving Tesla’s vehicle entertainment features, the new FAR-featured vehicles will use the Pedestrian Warning System (PWS), which will externally drive media in vehicles.

 When Tesla introduced the first PWS speaker in cars in 2019, it was designed to drive only low-pitched noise while driving or at low speeds. It was added to the car to comply with U.S. regulations.

With this new feature, even if your car does not have PWS, it is possible to play sound on Tesla’s internal speakers.

Voice Commands

Tesla has added various voice commands to enhance the driver experience, but this is one of the few voice commands specified by Toybox. Another popular voice command associated with the Toybox feature is “Enable Santa Mode”, which launches Santa Mode.

Most Tesla owners take advantage of climate control voice commands and media commands while driving, but we have a list of our top five voice commands, or you can choose to see all available voice commands.

Is it allowed while driving?

I do not know. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), Tesla is facing a software-based recall where Elon Musk has accused “funny cops”. The NHSTA is unhappy that Tesla has allowed drivers to play sounds like Fart Noise on external speakers. 

Federal officials say this is a major safety issue for pedestrians who cannot interpret the word “attractive” as a warning sign or a warning to pedestrians.

Tesla has released a firmware update to disable the Boombox feature while driving. According to the 202.8 update, if you have been to the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, you will no longer be able to use Boombox while driving.

When this feature is released, it will be a great addition to the release toybox feature and, most importantly, make Tesla ownership more enjoyable. Stay tuned for new FART features in the upcoming update.

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