EV ScootersOla Electric faces backlash from customers over poor service and faulty scooters

Ola Electric faces backlash from customers over poor service and faulty scooters

Customers demand closure of Ola showroom in Madhya Pradesh after facing multiple issues with their e-scooters


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Ola Electric, the leading brand of electric scooters in India, is facing a service-related crisis as disgruntled customers took drastic action at a showroom in Madhya Pradesh. The incident highlights widespread discontent with Ola’s after-sales service, revealing a need for swift improvements.

Customers protest outside showroom, share their grievances

In a video shared by the YouTube channel Electric Story, a group of people are seen protesting outside an Ola showroom in Madhya Pradesh. The video also includes interviews with customers who share their experiences with Ola scooters.

One customer complains that he has not heard from customer service for a month despite registering his complaints online. Another customer says that he bought an Ola e-scooter on EMI but his vehicle has not been running for two months. When he contacted the store manager, he was told that they were only responsible for sales, not servicing.

The customers also allege that the showroom was offering festive season offers to new buyers, while ignoring the existing customers who were facing issues with their scooters. The customers demand that the showroom be shut down and that Ola take responsibility for their faulty products.

Ola scooters plagued by software glitches, hardware failures and fire incidents

This is not the first time that Ola Electric has come under fire for its e-scooters. Ever since the launch of its products, Ola has been facing one issue or another. In the initial days, its scooters were facing software issues that affected the performance and functionality of the vehicles. Ola later offered a software update to improve the overall experience.

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Earlier this year, Ola launched a more affordable version of its e-scooter, the S1 Air, which also faced some problems. Several videos and images online showed customers complaining about the poor quality and durability of the scooters. Some customers reported that the rear suspension of their scooters broke and damaged the underseat storage. Others said that their scooters stopped working in the middle of the road.

Ola also faced a major setback when its e-scooters caught fire in Pune, Kerala and Bhopal. Ola claimed that the fire incidents were caused by short circuits due to aftermarket parts used in the scooters, but many customers disputed this claim and accused Ola of negligence and poor safety standards.

Ola Electric needs to address customer concerns and improve service quality

Ola Electric currently has three e-scooters in its portfolio: the S1 Air, the S1 X and the S1 Pro. The company is hosting a sale right now where it is offering exchange discounts and offers to attract more customers. However, Ola needs to focus more on addressing the customer concerns and improving the service quality of its existing products, rather than launching new ones.

Ola Electric has a huge potential to revolutionize the electric mobility sector in India, but it also has a huge responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. Ola needs to act fast and fix the issues with its e-scooters, or else it may lose its credibility and market share to its competitors.

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Depak Kumar
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