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Ola S1 Electric Scooter Recalled for Front Fork Issue but Its Free: Know More


Ola Electric has taken a proactive step to ensure the safety of their customers. The company announced that they are replacing the front fork of the S1 Pro and S1 electric scooters with an upgraded version free of cost. Starting from 22nd March customers can book an appointment for the replacement. Moreover, Ola Electric also announced that they will be setting up 500 experience centres across the country by March 2023. Though the manufacturer is not referring to this as a recall but it is reassuring to see them taking necessary measures to improve the product.

The company has recently announced an upgrade to the front fork design in order to bolster its durability and strength. Existing customers can take advantage of this improvement by upgrading their front suspension with the new component free of cost. Appointments to upgrade will be available starting March 22. This upgrade is part of the company’s ongoing process of engineering and design improvement.

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Reports have surfaced that electric scooter owners have been getting injured due to the front fork of their scooters breaking when going through a pothole. To ensure customer safety and satisfaction, the manufacturer has taken extra measures to reinforce the connection between the wheel and the suspension, making the component much more durable. This should help to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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Ola S1 Electric Scooter Recalled for Front Fork Issue but Its Free: Know More

Ola Electric is certainly making its presence known in the two-wheeler market with over Rs. 2lakh scooters sold in the past year and massive bookings at launch and the company is now offering a free upgrade to interested customers. Those looking to take advantage of the offer can book an appointment at the nearest Ola Experience Centre or Service Centre.

Ola Electric has proclaimed that they have thoroughly tested the components of their bikes and nothing is amiss with the front fork. Yet, they are providing a free upgrade to their customers. It is admirable to see the automaker proactively taking measures to enhance their products and we hope the upgrade resolves the issues faced by S1 owners for good.

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