Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike Review: Is It the Best for Women?

By | January 20, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect electric bike for commuting? Look no further Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike is a top pick of many city riders in the UK.

With its classic esthetics and sleek styling this bike will make you the envy of your peers. Moreover this bike comes with added features such as a front basket making it perfectly equipped for shopping trips or city rides.

Want to know more Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike? Read our full review to find out all the features and limitations this awesome electric bike has to offer.

Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike Specifications and Features

The Pendleton Somerby electric bike is a dream come true for commuters who are looking to get around town or enjoy winding country lanes.

With an aluminum frame that weighs only 48 pounds and a modern twist on the color with a brown faux leather handlebar, this e-bike stands out from the rest.

It comes with Removable Li-Ion Phylion battery slides in beneath the storage rack and offers 317Wh/8.8Ah of capacity, It offers avarage range of 25-30 miles and maximum up to 50 miles (80km), giving you plenty of range for commuting to work or leisure rides. This E-Bike takes upto  4-5 Hours to fully charge.

Additionally, this bike is equipped with a smart control system which helps to protect the battery from overheating. Re-charging if fully complete in five hours and it comes with a two-year warranty as well.

The bike also has a Rear hub Bafang motor system built into the rear wheel that engages the engine automatically when pedaling.

The motor will stop at 15.5mph (24km/h) for extra safety and peace of mind. All in all, the Pendleton Somerby electric bike is perfect for commuters looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around town or through country lanes.

Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike
Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike review

This electric bike is perfect for female commuters looking for a reliable ebike with a head-unit that displays three power-assist levels. You can switch from low to medium to high with a push button and an on/off switch.

Optimized for minimal damage, the display is on the left side of the handlebar. In case you run out of battery, you can still use the gears and paddle it without relying on the battery – thanks to the freewheel system.

Additionally, this bike comes with Tektro Aluminum V-brakes and Kenda 700x38c tires as well as a KMC 8-speed chain with chainguard. The maximum recommended rider weight is 264 pounds (119 kg) and the stiff suspension.

The bike also included pedals which are designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. With a reliable frame and sealed bottom brackets, you can trust this bike to last for years to come.

Furthermore, the LED display helps you manage your power-assistance and track your usage easily. This electric bike is sure to make commuting around town much more enjoyable.

Battery TypeRemovable Li-Ion Phylion battery
Battery Capacity317Wh/8.8Ah
Range25-30 miles
Rider WeightMax 264 pounds (119 kg)
Frame SizeBetween 16-inch and 19-inch
Brake TypeTektro Aluminium V-brakes
Warranty2-year / 500 charge warranty
Price£1,099.00 / $1189

Pendleton Somerby e-Bike Technicalities

Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike is the perfect choice for modern women who are looking for a bike that combines style and function. This sleek ride features a step through frame, making it easy to mount and dismount.

You can choose from three attractive frame colors: black, white & navy, black & rose gold and midnight Blue. Whatever your height, you can find an ideal frame size between 16-inch and 19-inch. This bike is a great way to get around in style and with confidence.

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This ebike is truly a dream come true for cyclists! With its three (3) assistance levels, you can travel up any hill with ease and comfort. The eight (8) speed Shimano Acera gears system also ensures that flat surfaces are just as enjoyable as hilly terrains.

And you won’t have to worry about ruining your best clothes, as the included mudguards will protect you from the worst potholes on the road.

The ebike also comes with a luggage rack and a sprung saddle, making it the perfect ride for commuters. So if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to get around town, this ebike is definitely worth considering!

Is Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike Pros and Cons

The e-bike is a great option for those looking for an affordable, reliable, and durable ride.

Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike Pros

  • It features an aluminum alloy frame and crank arm, making it strong and long-lasting.
  • The low step design makes it easy to get on and off the bike, while the two-year electrical and one-year component warranties provide peace of mind.
  • The controller offers three settings to personalize your ride, and the ergonomic grips and flat handlebar offer a comfortable ride in an upright position.
  • With up to 50 miles (80km) of range on the motor alone, you can go further than ever before.
  • Kenda 700x38c tires are suitable for cycling on flat surfaces, and the pedal-assist.
  • The battery can be conveniently charged directly on the frame, or you can easily remove it with a supplied key.
  • The controller is easy to use, and the gears provide a responsive and smooth ride.
  • You can also turn off the assistance mode and ride it as a standard bike.
  • All in all, this e-bike offers a great value that won’t break the bank and provides a reliable and enjoyable ride.
Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike
Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike review

Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike Cons

  • Long and bulky design limits agility when weaving through traffic.
  • Narrow tires may get trapped between road cracks.
  • Front light and basket not included.
  • No front suspension.
  • Basic braking systems with the use of pads, not hydraulic configuration like in the Scrambler Ducati bike.
  • Battery may not be the best quality, leading to charging problems and responsiveness issues.
  • -Poor customer service reported by some users.


If you’re looking for an electric bike in 2023 specifically designed with the female commuter in mind, then the Pendleton Somerby is certainly worth considering. It has especially helpful features such as a pedal-assist system and adjustable frame, making it a great choice for everyday use. However, upon further inspection of its components, such as the battery, the quality may leave some wanting more. While its price is relatively competitive, there are other riders out there that offer much better value for money with solid construction. But if you’re after an electric bike with a sleek aesthetic, you may appreciate the Somerby. Ultimately, the decision will come down to your personal preference, but there are certainly better e-bike alternatives that offer better overall performance.

If you want to get the most out of your electric bike, it’s important to look out for other factors like top speed, range and durability. Many electric bikes are capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 mph, making them suitable for longer commutes, whereas cheaper models tend to struggle in this area. Similarly, it pays to check the range of an electric bike, as this can make or break your days of riding. Lastly, it’s worth considering the durability of the components, such as the frame and motor, as these will have a big impact on the longevity of the machine. Investing in a reliable, well constructed electric bike may cost more upfront but could save you money in the long run.

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