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PURE EV Launched ePluto 7G Pro electric scooter at Rs 94,999: Know Specs, Features

The latest electric scooter from PURE EV has been launched - the ePluto 7G Pro. This economical electric scooter comes with exciting features and specs, and is available at an affordable price of Rs 94,999.


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India’s leading electric two-wheeler start-up, Pure EV, has unveiled its new electric scooter, the ePluto 7G Pro. The scooter is now available across the country with a choice of three colours – Matte Black, Grey and White. The ePluto 7G Pro, which retails at Rs 94,999 (ex-showroom), is the top-end offering in Pure EV’s electric scooter lineup. It is powered by a 1.5 kW electric motor, allied to a 2.4 kW MCU and a CAN-based charger. Promising a range of 100-150 km on a single charge, the ePluto 7G Pro is equipped with a 3.0 kWh AIS 156 certified battery and comes with smart BMS and Bluetooth connectivity. Pure EV has opened bookings for the new electric scooter, with deliveries scheduled to begin by the end of May.

Motor Power and Battery Capacity

The all-new ePluto 7G Pro is a revolutionary electric scooter that is taking the country by storm! It is powered by an electric motor rated 1.5 kW and has a 2.5 kW MCU and CAN-based charger. It is based on the sophisticated ecoDryft motorcycle platform, and as per reports, it is equipped with a 3.0 kWh AIS 156 certified battery which features a smart BMS and Bluetooth connection. 


e 7G Pro ex-showroom price is an impressive Rs 94,999. Though, of course, the on-road price can differ depending on the state-level subsidies that are available and the regional transport office (RTO) fees.

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Booking and Delivery

Bookings for the revolutionary scooter are now open at Pure EV dealerships, with deliveries expected to start later this month. If you want to experience the convenience and ease of the electric scooter, all you have to do is visit the Pure EV website and book your scooter today.


ePluto 7G Pro
ePluto 7G Pro
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PURE EV also embarking on a mission to ramp up its dealer network. With an aim to have 300 touch-points by the end of FY24, PURE EV is actively working to set up its dealerships across major cities and towns in India. This move will certainly give the electric vehicle industry a great boost, providing customers with more options for purchasing and servicing their vehicles.

Future upgrades

The latest ePluto 7G PRO scooter is packed with advanced features. The scooter comes with an AIS 156 certified 3.0 KWH battery and a cutting-edge smart Battery Management System (BMS). This allows users to stay connected with their scooter via Bluetooth. Additionally, the scooter runs on a 1.5 KW Motor with a 2.4 KW Motor Control Unit (MCU) and a CAN-based charger. On top of that, the scooter can also be upgraded with OTA firmware in the future. 

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CEO’s comments

Rohit Vadera, co-founder and CEO of PURE EV, expressed his excitement for the launch of the upgraded version of the 7G model. He shared, “We are thrilled that it has generated so much interest, with over 5000 enquiries during the pre-launch phase. This reflects our commitment to delivering excellence to our customers and shows that our efforts to innovate and create sustainable solutions are paying off. The ePluto 7G PRO caters to those seeking longer-range scooters and we are expecting over 2000 bookings within the first month of its release.”

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