EV ScootersRivot NX 100 Electric Scooter Price, Range, Specs & Reviews

Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter Price, Range, Specs & Reviews


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Bengaluru-based EV manufacturer Rivot Motors getting ready to launch their first premium electric scooter Rivot NX 100. Ajit Patil is CEO and founder of the company. Testing of this scooter has already started in 2019. According to the company, Rivot NX 100 will compete with  EV manufacturers such as Ola S1, Simple Energy One, and Ather 450X.

Rivot is made-in-India E-scooter manufacturer and has been manufacturing EV’s from many years. The company bought their own warehouse to produce electric scooter in large amount. In this post we will explain about Rivot NX 100 electric scooter specs, features, price, launch date etc.

RIVOT NX 100 Specifications

MotorMid-Sized 4 kW Electric Motor
Battery4 Removable NMC Battery
Range280 km
Top Speed120kmph
Charging Time4 to 5 hours
PriceRs 1.50 to Rs 1. 80 lakh (Expected)
Launch DateWithin 5 Months

Rivot NX 100 Design

Rivot NX100
Rivot NX 100 Design

Rivot NX 100 comes with an attractive body and futuristic design. At front, we will get to see an LED headlight, turn indicator, etc. Most notable feature of Rivot NX 100 electric scooter is front dash cam. The front headlight has three integrated cameras that will record anything bad that happens without your knowledge. This is one of the best feature of this scooter.

Motor and Battery Capacity

Rivot NX100
Motor and battery capacity

Rivot NX 100 electric scooter has a belt-drive, mid-size 4 kW electric motor with torque of 150 Nm. The scooter is equipped with four removable NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) batteries. Each battery can go 70 km. Aside from that, the Rivot NX 100 scooter has unique features such as an auxiliary power unit that helps when all four battery packs run out of charge.

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Range and Top Speed

As we previously mentioned, Rivot NX 100 features four batteries. Each battery has a range of 70 km, thus, total range on a single charge is 280 km, and it has a top speed of 120 kmph.

Regenerative Braking System

Rivot NX100
Range and top speed

In Rivot NX 100 electric scooter regenerative brakes has a charging ability of up to 35%, which is 25% more as compared to other brands braking systems.

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Handless Boot Opening Feature

Rivot NX 100 has unique features like a handleless boot opening, which means a sensor is provided next to the side stand of the scooter. Pressing it with the foot opens the boot hydraulically, where you can place your personal items.

Charging Time

As we know Rivot NX 100 electric scooter has four battery packs so it takes quite more time than other electric scooters. The company claims that it takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the scooter. The scooter charging system is yet another surprising aspect. Unlike with other scooters, you won’t need to remember to bring the charger with you. The charging dock is provided inside the scooter, and it is possible to charge it by unrolling the wire, then plugging it into the suitable socket.

Special Features

Rivot NX100
Rivot NX 100 Special Features

The Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter has a lot of special features that include:

  • Rivot NX 100 scooter has a dash cam in the front headlight this is first time in the history of electric scooters.
  • You can create a personal profile for an individual person and set range, speed, etc.
  • Scooter has a smart lock system that allows you to unlock it with a pattern or face lock also has a proximity lock and unlock system.
  • Rivot NX 100 has a unique feature known as an auxiliary power unit that activates when scooter all four battery depleted. so that you can utilise this feature to easily reach your target.
  • You can open a scooter boot without touching it using the handleless boot opening feature.
  • Other standard features include a 7-inch touch screen dashboard, projector headlamps, DRL LED lights, a 7-inch touch screen, Alloy Wheels and so on.
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Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter Price and Launch Date

Company has not yet revealed the exact price of the Rivot NX 100, but based on its features and specifications, we can assume that it could cost between Rs 1.50 and Rs 1.80 lakh. The company claims that Rivot NX 100 will be available in the Indian market within 5 months.

What is the Official website of RIVOT NX 100 electric scooter ?

Here is Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter official website RIVOT MOTORS

RIVOT NX 100 Electric Scooter Booking Online ?

Rivot NX 100 has not yet launched till now.

What is the launch date of RIVOT NX 100 electric scooter ?

As per the company Rivot NX 100 E-scooter will hit Indian EV market within 5 months

What is RIVOT NX 100 electric scooter price in india ?

There is no any official announcment about Rivot NX 100 scooter but it’s expected between Rs 1.50 and Rs 1.80 lakh

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