EV BikesRoyal Enfield Electric Bike Is Here With Surprising Details

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Is Here With Surprising Details


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Royal Enfield, iconic Indian motorcycle manufacturer is finally entering the electric vehicle market. In a recent interview with Autocar Professional, Siddhartha Lal, MD of Eicher Motors, the parent company of Royal Enfield revealed some details of the upcoming electric bike.

Lal has observed a growing trend in electric mobility that is particularly attractive for short-distance city commutes. Though he recognizes that, as of now, internal combustion engines will remain the go-to choice for lengthy journeys. This is because until the weight and cost of EVs improve dramatically, they will not be able to compete with traditional engines as an option for longer trips.

Hence, the Royal Enfield electric bike that is soon to be launched is not expected to have a range as long as the Ultraviolette F77 which is 200km. It is guessed that the range of the new bike would be somewhere between 100-120km which would be enough for everyday rides.

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A glance at the Royal Enfield Electric01 reveals that this is an ideal e-motorcycle for urban use. Royal Enfield is confident that the development of an electric vehicle is not as strenuous as it may seem. The battery pack and motor could be modified within a reasonable timeframe despite the fact that it needs to be thoroughly tested and approved.

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Royal Enfield is aiming to electrify its motorbike line-up with a plan to develop EVs at its Vallam Vadagal plant. The plant will host a dedicated section for the L1A platform and the company plans to present a concept of its electric bike at the EICMA 2023. Royal Enfield is making a significant move in the industry, working diligently to make its products more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Royal Enfield is setting its sights on the electric mobility space, but not as a replacement for the traditional internal combustion engine. Rather, company is aiming to provide an alternative for short-distance urban travel. Royal Enfield sees a wealth of opportunity in the electric vehicle market and fully intends to explore what it has to offer.

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