EV ScootersRunR Mobility Launches RunR HS EV Electric Scooter at Competitive Price

RunR Mobility Launches RunR HS EV Electric Scooter at Competitive Price


RunR Mobility, a Gujarat-based electric two wheeler manufacturer has just brought a new model of e-scooter to the market. Dubbed the RunR HS EV electric scooter this electric scooter promises a convenient and affordable mode of transport to people all over India, as well as a reduction in carbon emissions. The ex-showroom cost of this scooter is ₹1.25 to 1.3 lakhs, although subsidies further lower the price.

 It features 60V 40AH Li-on liquid-cooled wire bounded batteries and Battery Management System (BMS) based on a can architecture. This breakthrough technology provides the scooter with a staggering range of 110 km on a single charge.

This scooter comes with a neo-retro style, From sleek black to vibrant green, it comes in five eye-catching colors. And it’s not just all about looks, either. Alloy wheels and LED tail lights ensure safety and turning heads. 

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HS EV packs a powerful punch with its 1.5 kW BLDC motor and impressive top speed of 70 kmph. Not to mention, it also stands out with its user friendly features. Its high-contrast color LCD display shows the rider all the information they need, in a simple and intuitive way. And also it comes with anti-theft vehicle locators, remote fleet management and even Over The Air (OTA) updates, these features makes this scooter a smart e-scooter.


RunR Mobility is determined to make its mark in the realm of creating a sustainable and environment-friendly future. Their 100% indigenous electric scooters are equipped with swappable batteries. With their sprawling plant sprawled over 4.2 acres, they have got the capacity to produce up to 500 e-scooters every single day.

Company has joined hands with Electric One Energy, India’s leading EV superstore to offer the revolutionary RunR HS EV scooters exclusively in Gujarat with nationwide availability through Electric One Energy’s 100+ dealerships. Customers will receive access to the premium EV scooter range but they will also get access to comprehensive after-sale services. RunR Mobility has also set up an agreement with ReadyAssist, a renowned roadside assistance provider to offer yearly maintenance packages, warranty replacements, and roadside assistance for any customer.

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Setul Shah, founder of the company RunR Mobility, feels enthusiastic about the prospects ahead as the Launch of the RunR HS EV sets in. “We are overjoyed to present such a practical and environment-friendly solution; it serves as a means of not only commuting with ease but also reducing our carbon footprint and aiding in preserving a greener city. Our aim is to achieve a milestone with our vehicle; one that stands out for its technology, performance, design and features, establishing a new standard of excellence in the electric vehicle industry. We intend for this innovation to signify a step forward towards a sustainable and secure future.”

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