Students Turn Waste Material into Electric Scooter, Powered by Laptop Battery

By | June 17, 2023

The students and teachers of Central University of Haryana, Mahendragarh, have achieved a remarkable feat – they have designed an electric scooter, dubbed “Mitra,” that runs on the battery of a laptop! This groundbreaking vehicle is the brainchild of the Electrical Engineering and Technology Department, who were inspired by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar to create a pollution-free mode of transportation. The team’s goal was to develop a solution that would help reduce air pollution while providing an efficient means of transportation. With the successful launch of “Mitra,” they have certainly achieved their objective.

It Features a maximum range of 70 km on a single charge, along with comfortable seating for three, this electric scooter allows commuters to get around easily with a top speed of 25 km per hour. Moreover, the experts have made a conscious effort to ensure its affordability. Through the effective utilization of EV waste material, the production cost is kept as low as Rs 21,000, thus making it more economical. This scooter is well-suited for those who are looking for an efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly option!

Students Turn Waste Material into Electric Scooter, Powered by Laptop Battery
Students Turn Waste Material into Electric Scooter, Powered by Laptop Battery

M.N. Bhukhya jubilantly spoke of Mitra’s potential to revolutionize urban travel. He explained that due to its lightweight and efficient engine, the scooter can provide commuters with a comfortable and reliable source of transportation. Furthermore, it has been designed to emit little to no carbon dioxide, ensuring that its riders have a low ecological footprint. All these features culminate in a user-friendly urban transport solution that is both economical and environmentally-friendly.

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The culmination of Abhishek Sharma, Adarsh Tiwari, Bhukhya Vamshi, Mujkheer Ali Khan, and Faizan Ashraf’s hard work, along with guidance from Dr. Muralidhar Nayak Bhukhya and Dr. Sudhir Kumar, has birthed a beautiful creation – the Mitra electric scooter. This invention embodies the Central University of Haryana’s dedication to sustainable engineering. The dream of a cleaner tomorrow has been realized, thanks to the persistent efforts of the brilliant minds at this esteemed institution.

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