Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle Launched with a Range of 70km

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Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle

Electric scooters, e-bikes, and battery-powered vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in urban areas. Even though EVs are not ideal in the winter or rainy season, they do not provide protection from rain or snow.

To solve this problem, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Tailing has launched e-mopeds with a custom canopy design. The Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle is the company’s new e-vehicle.

Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle Design

The Q5 Electric Tricycle has an appealing appearance and is primarily designed for children. Speaking about the design in the front, it has a pair of panda lens headlights, comes with three wheels in the front, is equipped with 110 large drum brakes, and the back side has 130 drum brakes. It has windshield which protect you from the sun light and rain. This tricycle doesn’t need a driving license but can be registered.

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Battery, Range, and Features

Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle
Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle

The Q5 Electric Tricycle comes with a 500W sine wave motor and a 72V/20AH battery. On a full charge, this tricycle can go up to 70 km on a single charge. The Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle has features like an LCD instrument panel, accelerator handle controls, brake pedal, windshield sunshades, ARS one-button repair function, etc.

Tailing Q5 Electric Tricycle Price

The Tailing Q5 electric tricycle price has not been officially announced, but it may be limited to China.

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