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Tata Avinya EV: A New Breed of Premium Electric Cars Using JLR’s EMA Platform

Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover have signed a MoU to share the advanced EMA platform for the upcoming Avinya series of electric cars.


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Tata Motors, the Indian automobile giant, has announced that its future Avinya series of premium electric cars will be based on the Electrified Modular Architecture (EMA) platform developed by its British subsidiary, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). The EMA platform is an 800-volt electric car platform that will also underpin the next generation of mid-size SUVs from JLR, starting from 2025.

The Avinya series, which was first unveiled as a concept in 2022, will be a pure-electric only range of cars that will showcase Tata’s vision for a new paradigm in personal mobility. The Avinya concept features a futuristic design, a spacious cabin, and a host of new-age technologies, software and artificial intelligence. The Avinya series is expected to enter production in 2025.

Benefits of the EMA platform

By using the EMA platform, Tata Motors will be able to leverage the expertise and know-how of JLR in developing world-class electric vehicles. The EMA platform is optimized for performance, efficiency, range, and safety. It will support level-2 autonomous driving capabilities, over-the-air software and feature updates, and cell-to-pack battery technology. The EMA platform will also enable Tata to offer a range of up to 500 km on a single charge for the Avinya series.

The EMA platform will also help Tata Motors save costs and time, as it will not have to develop a standalone EV platform from scratch. Tata Motors will pay a royalty fee to JLR for using the EMA platform and will also enter into an Engineering Services Agreement (ESA) to support any changes or modifications required for the Avinya series.

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A win-win situation for Tata Motors and JLR

The collaboration between Tata Motors and JLR on the EMA platform is a win-win situation for both the companies, as it will allow them to share resources, technology, and innovation. It will also strengthen the synergies and strategic alignment between the two brands, which are both part of the Tata Motors Limited (TML) group.

Tata avinya
A win-win situation for Tata Motors and JLR
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Anand Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer and Head HV Programmes, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd, said, “Avinya stands for ‘Innovation’ and represents our vision for a new paradigm in personal mobility. Being built on an architecture that is equipped with the latest advances in new age technology, software and artificial intelligence, Avinya will spawn a new breed of world class EVs, with global standards in efficiency and range. We are delighted to collaborate on the EMA platform with JLR for actualizing this vision”.

Adrian Mardell, CEO of JLR, said, “TPEM have decided to use the technology that we’re developing both in terms of the EMA architecture, our electrical architecture and our battery packs to produce their own range of premium BEV vehicles at their plant in India. So it’s them producing their vehicles [using] our intellectual property”.

The Tata Avinya EV series will be a game-changer for the Indian EV market, as it will offer a premium and futuristic option for the customers. It will also showcase the potential of Tata Motors and JLR to create cutting-edge electric vehicles that can compete with the best in the world.

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