Tata Punch EV Spotted Testing: Big Changes Revealed

By | May 14, 2023

The Indian auto giant Tata Motors is reportedly getting ready to electrify its popular micro-SUV, the Punch. Recently, spy shots of the Punch EV have been doing the rounds and it appears the vehicle is going through the necessary tests and development. 

Prototype of the Punch EV was spotted on a flatbed truck and the differences between it and the ICE version of the Punch were immediately apparent. This could mean that Tata Motors is gearing up to launch the electric version of the Punch. 

Company expanding its electric vehicle portfolio of late with the introduction of the Nexon EV and the Altroz EV. It looks like the Punch EV could be the next addition to the portfolio. As of now, the details of Punch EV are scarce but more information may be revealed soon.

Punch EV Interior Design

 Punch EV has given a revamp inside with fresh additions like blue accents adorning the air conditioning vents, rotary drive selector, and  modified center console with an electronic parking brake. The infotainment display, a seven-inch free-standing display, apparently remains the same as the internal combustion engine version. The test mule of the Punch EV features rear disc brakes, a rotary dial and an electronic parking brake, which is absent in the petrol Punch. Plus there is an added center armrest for the front passengers for a more comfortable ride.

Punch EV Exterior

Tata Punch EV
Tata Punch EV

Exterior of the new Punch EV model looks pretty much the same as the traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) model. But, there are some noticeable changes. Like rear disc brakes have added, something that the regular Punch doesn’t have. Additionally, electric version will have blue accents and aero wheels, similar to the Tiago and Tigor EVs. The charging port is expected to be located behind the fuel lid, as is the case with other Tata EV models. All in all, it looks like the Punch EV will be a great addition to Tata’s ever-expanding EV lineup.

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Punch EV Specs and Features

Details of the powertrain of the upcoming Tata Punch EV are still a mystery. However, it is speculated that it will source the battery pack and electric motor from the Tigor EV and Tiago EV. Further, the electric SUV is believed to offer a range of approximately 250-300 km on a full charge, thus making it the most affordable electric SUV in the Indian market. The Punch EV is anticipated to rival the Citroen eC3 in India.

Tata Motors is yet to announce a definite launch date for the upcoming Punch EV, but the automaker is expecting to bring the electric vehicle to the market by the end of this year or in 2024. Apart from this, carmaker is also planning to roll out the Harrier EV and the production version of the Curvv EV. 

The pricing details of the Punch EV remain unknown for now. However, Tata Motors may be looking to offer it at a competitive rate compared to the Citroen eC3 which has an ex-showroom price tag ranging from ₹11.50 lakh to ₹12.43 lakh (India).

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