EV CarsTesla Recalls 3.8 Million Cars Since 2018

Tesla Recalls 3.8 Million Cars Since 2018


Tesla, the largest electric vehicle seller has had to recall a staggering 3,800,000 cars since 2018 for various reasons including software glitches and steering issues.

Despite being led by Elon Musk the company has faced its fair share of struggles with recalls posing a significant impact on brand reputation and profit.

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that Tesla will recall more than 362,000 US vehicles due to issues with its Full Self-Driving Beta software which could lead to crashes due to unpredictable or unlawful maneuvers.

However Gizmodo points out that recalls are not uncommon in the electric vehicle industry and Tesla has faced several recalls in recent years.

In 2018 the company recalled 123,000 Model S cars due to excessive corrosion in the power steering bolt.

Tesla Recalls 3.8 Million Cars Since 2018

In 2021, 285,000 vehicles including the Model 3 and Model Y cars were recalled in China over cruise control safety concerns and a further 675,000 Teslas were withdrawn in both the US and China over issues with the latch assembly. Where the trunk and front hood could unexpectedly open.

In February 2022, 53,000 cars were recalled over the Full Self-Driving Beta software issue, while another 817,000 EVs were pulled due to issues with the audible seat belt reminder chime.

Later in September 2022, 1.1 million cars were recalled due to a defect in the automatic window reversal system, which could potentially pinch a person’s fingers.

In November 2022, Tesla recalled 40,000 cars due to a power steering fault, and 30,000 more over the risk of airbags deploying incorrectly in certain situations.

Additionally, 321,000 vehicles were recalled over a software glitch causing the taillights on some models to flash randomly.

While this may seem alarming, it is a common practice in the car industry to address potential problems and prevent accidents from occurring.

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