Tesla’s Self-Driving Price Officially Increased To $15,000

By | September 8, 2022

According to Elon Musk, Tesla announced last month that it was raising the price of the fully self-driving beta option from $12,000 by $3,000.

Now that the change is official, if you choose the FSD option today, it’ll cost you $15,000, which is basically access to unfinished, work-in-progress software and you’d better get it. Advanced autopilot.

Tesla reintroduced Enhanced Autopilot earlier this year, and that option costs $6,000 while still giving you all the features.

Currently, the FSD is certainly not enough to justify the $9,000 difference, as the autopilot will drive the car in the same context if the FSD works well.

The Advanced Autopilot has the ability to keep the car focused on the road, can change lanes fully autonomously, and generally does most of the steering well.

It also has a feature called “Navigate On Autopilot,” which basically lets the car navigate highway on-and off-ramps, signalling all lane changes without human intervention. includes changes.

Tesla’s Self-Driving Price Officially Increased To $15,000

It also gets the Smart Summon feature, which basically lets you have the car come to you, for example, when you exit a shopping center and park away from the exit, a feature that generally works well.

Then there’s the self-parking feature, but that’s similar to what other automakers have offered over the years.

FSD adds the ability to enable autonomous driving mode in the city, and it also has stop and respond signals.

However, if you watch FSD driving videos like ours, you’ll know that the system has the most problems in urban environments, especially when you mix with heavy (aggressive) city traffic. Extreme weather events like snow.

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