EV ScootersThis Dog Rides Electric Scooter to a Whole New Level

This Dog Rides Electric Scooter to a Whole New Level


Talented and intelligent dogs are no secret. But this one dog is really pushing the limits when it comes to showing off his skills. A video of a dog riding an electric scooter has gone viral and taken the world by surprise by its skills. Not only does this dog ride the scooter like a pro but he can also steer and stop the vehicle easily. People can’t believe their eyes when they see the extraordinary feat this four-legged buddy is capable of. It seems like an electric scooter can be so much fun for a pup. He looks like he’s having the time of his life as he zooms down the street.

You would have been called barking mad if you hadn’t told us this earlier. But now, we are watching a video of a dog named Grayson, who is riding a one-wheeled electric scooter with serious skills! The footage has already gone viral, with millions of people from all over the world watching in awe.

It’s not just the fact that Grayson is riding an electric scooter – it’s the way he is doing it. He swerves around corners, changes direction and even does a few jumps. It’s truly a sight to behold. We tip our hats to @capincunucafuk for showing us this remarkable feat performed by his pet. Now that Grayson has mastered the one-wheeled electric scooter, who knows what he will conquer next.

Wow, this looks like something from a movie! We would surely stop whatever we were doing if we saw this dog cruising down the street. It’s amazing that he knew which way to go without any direction. @whiteboyinchurch said it best – “That’s insane the way he dodged that pothole.” And @user3051280091929 added, “He turned back to look at you to ensure that you saw him turn!!!!” We can’t believe how smoothly the dog manoeuvred around the obstacle. People are in shock at his skills. You must see this video. Grayson has some mad scooter skills and he looks quite cute while doing it, which, of course, helps. It is blowing our minds.

We didn’t know that taking the dog out could look this cool. Thanks to Grayson, we have seen it’s possible and it’s definitely something we would like to try! After seeing his incredible scooter skills, it’s clear that the kid has got something special. He’s already a pro at it and is sure to be a source of inspiration for many. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

Depak Kumar
Depak Kumar
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