This EV Charging Hub Can Charge Up to 50 Vehicles at a Time

The charging hub will provide all types of electric vehicles and suitable three- and two-wheeler services.

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A Bangalore-based electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure company has launched a public EV charging hub with 50 charging points at the city’s Forum Neighborhood Mall.

According to a company statement, the charging hub will serve all types of electric vehicles and suitable three- and two-wheeled vehicles. 

This facility has 10 60KW CCS charging points, four 15 KW DC001 charging points and 36 7.4KW Type-2 AC charging points which can charge up to 50 vehicles simultaneously.

Mahadevapura MLA Arvind Limbavali inaugurated the hub on Thursday, saying, “There are 45,000 EV users in the city of Bangalore, which indicates that the demand for these is increasing. 

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Operating costs of ICE (internal combustion engine) automobiles may affect increasing consumer behavior. Undoubtedly, Karnataka is one of the leading states in the country in terms of electrical mobility.

The company plans to set up 200 EV charging points across the city. “We want to set up more than 200 charging points in the city by the end of 2022,” said Awadhesh Jha, executive director, Fortum Charge and Drive India. 

The charging hub of Forum Neighborhood Mall is a major milestone in our journey to Bangalore. Electrifies our mobility and leads to sustainable transportation.

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Harsha G
Harsha G
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