EV ScootersThorpe 15 Electric Scooter Review: Specs, Charge Time, Instructions

Thorpe 15 Electric Scooter Review: Specs, Charge Time, Instructions


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Thorpe 15 electric scooter review

Are you looking for the cheapest electric scooter with great performance? Here is the Thorpe 15 Electric Scooter. This scooter comes with the best design and a lithium-ion battery. All the necessary things are installed in one scooter to give it good performance. In this post, we will go over the Thorpe 15 electric scooter’s performance, battery, speed, charging time, and so on. Read till the end.

Thorpe 15 Electric Scooter Specs

Thorpe 15 Electric Scooter
Thorpe 15 electric scooter specs

The Thorpe 15 electric scooter has a stylish design and a long handlebar that makes it easy to manoeuvre while standing. Talking about the dimensions of the scooter, it has 80 cm of length, 33.5 w of width, and 87 h of height. It has a powerful 1.935 Ah rechargeable Li-ion battery. The scooter comes with a foldable system so that you can carry it anywhere you want. It also has features like a kickstand, a rear reflector, a hand-operated rear brake, etc. The Thorpe 15 electric scooter is primarily made for kids, so it has a load capacity of only up to 50 kg.

Thorpe 15 Electric Scooter Range and Top Speed

Thorpe 15 Electric Scooter
Thorpe 15 electric scooter Range and Top Speed

Right from the handlebar to the footplate, this scooter is very streamlined and carefully designed. Correspondingly, this scooter also offers amazing performance. Thorpe 15 electric scooter has impressive speed which is capable of covering 15 km in just 1 hour. To manage this speed, three speed control modes are provided on the scooter. 6 km/h in the first mode, 10 km/h in the second mode, and 15 km/h in the last mode.

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Special Foldable Features

Thorpe 15 Electric Scooter
Special Foldable Features

With this folding feature, you can fold and carry the Thorpe 15 electric scooter in a few seconds at any time. There is also a built-in kickstand to keep the scooter from getting scratched and for safety.


This scooter is only for children aged 8 and up and under the age of 12. only for private use, not for public use, such as running on the roads. You should not use the rear fender as a foot brake.

Thorpe 15 Electric Scooter Instructions

The Thorpe 15 electric scooter can be started with the press of a button that is positioned on the top of the footplate. When the button is pressed, the scooter will begin to move.

Thorpe 15 Electric Scooter Price

The Thorpe 15 electric scooter is available all over the United Kingdom, and it costs only £199.99. You can buy this electric scooter from this link: Click Here

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