Toyota’s Upcoming All-Electric Land Cruiser Rendered in Production Form

By | November 15, 2023

Toyota is set to release their first ever electric SUV under the iconic Land Cruiser nameplate. The SUV, called the Land Cruiser Se, was first shown as a concept at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. While the concept version had a futuristic design, the production model will have a more conventional appeal with similarities to the concept.

Concept SUV Revealed at Japan Mobility Show

At the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Toyota unveiled the Land Cruiser Se concept, their first all-electric SUV under the Land Cruiser nameplate. The concept version had a futuristic design, but the final production model will have a more toned-down appeal.

Design to Have Similarities to Concept, But Toned-Down Appeal

While the production model will have similarities to the concept, it will not entirely resemble it. Toyota aims to keep some of the classic bulky design elements that are associated with the Land Cruiser series. This includes its powerful engine, off-roading capability, and indestructible construction.

Unofficial Design Render Provides a Glimpse of the Production Model

As we wait for the official reveal which is still some time away, an unofficial design render of the Land Cruiser Se has been making rounds. This render gives us a glimpse of what the production version could look like with some minor changes to make it more realistic.

Traditional Features and Changes From Concept

The design render shows that the concept’s camera-based wing mirrors have been replaced with traditional side mirrors mounted on the doors. The SUV also gets regular door handles in the body color, which are expected to be present in the final production model. The Toyota logo can also be seen on the new alloy wheels.

More Realistic Look and Practical Features Added

The addition of a wiper on the rear profile and red reflectors on the lower bumper gives the SUV a more realistic and practical look. These changes make the production model appear more believable and ready for the roads.

Specs of the Upcoming 7-Seater Land Cruiser EV SUV

The Land Cruiser Se will be a 7-seater SUV, measuring 5,150 mm long, 1,990 mm wide, and 1,705 mm tall with a 3,050 mm wheelbase. It will be built on a monocoque chassis for better handling and the ability to tackle rough terrains. While details about the powertrain are still unknown, it is expected to have a dual motor setup powering all four wheels.

Toyota’s upcoming all-electric Land Cruiser Se is set to make a statement with its iconic nameplate and modern electric technology. With a design that pays homage to its classic predecessors, this SUV will surely be a hit among adventure seekers and fans of the Land Cruiser brand.

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