TVS iQube ST Range, Specs, Colours, Booking

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Finally, the TVS company has made a comeback with Its new Electric Scooter TVS iQube 2022 Model. After seeing this scooter’s specifications, features and fresh look, it seems like TVS company will make a significant change in the Indian EV industry. You will see three variants in this new TVS iQube model: TVS iQubeTVS iQube S and TVS iQube ST.

If we talk about this recently launched TVS iQube scooter design, these three variants have the same look, but S and ST variants come with four colour options. And its base model iQube S has a three colour option.

Its ST model provided ample boot space compared to other models like the base variant and S. In the ST variant, you can keep two helmets inside the boot space.

Let’s talk about this iQube ST Motor Type company has installed a BLDC hub motor with 4.4kW. And has a torque of 140nm and 150mm ground clearance.

TVS iQube ST

ST variant has a top speed of 82km/h. In the Base model, 78km/h and in the S model, 78km/h top speed has given.

If we talk about this scooter’s safety firstly about its braking system, you will only get to see disc brakes in the front; this feature applies to all three variants. And in the backside Drum brake. The front 220mm Disc and the backside(rear) 130mm Drum brake.

Now let’s talk about this scooter battery; in the ST model, a 4.56kWh battery has been provided, and on the other side base model and S owns a 3.04kWh battery. This scooter is water-resistant and dust resistant, so the battery of this scooter has a full shield.

This is a good move from the company, but if we see this from another point of view, it disappoints some people.

TVS iQube ST model has a range of 145km, and this scooter has a big battery so that its overall weight is 128kg.

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