Ather Energy will Launch Two New EV Scooters

 According to a recent report, Ather will add two models to its 450 range.

One is expected to be a longer version of the 450X (with a larger battery pack), the other will only have cosmetic upgrade features.

Currently, there are only two models in the Ather 450 range, namely 450 Plus and 450X which are very popular in the Indian market.

The larger battery variant will offer a better range than current Ather scooters, but we don’t expect performance and top speed numbers to be different.

The chassis may be redesigned to accommodate a larger and heavier battery pack, but the look will remain the same.

For other scooter variants, it is expected to get new paint options and graphics. Some body panels may be replaced, but the overall design may not be very different.

However, there will be no mechanical changes, meaning the range and performance will remain the same as the 450X.

The Bangalore-based EV startup will launch these new models in the 450 range later this year or early next year.

Currently, Ather Energy sells its electric scooters in only 30 cities in 15 states, and the manufacturer plans to expand its dealer network in the future.

The Ather 450X is currently priced at Rs 1.38 lakh, and the Ather 450 Plus is priced at Rs 1.18 lakhs

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