Ducati MotoE Prototype Revealed

Ducati goes electric. As it sinks, let us know that the brand’s upcoming electric motoE prototype was recently tested by former MotoGP rider

Code named ‘V21L’, this electric Ducati could stream some serious rubber burning videos on the Italian company’s social media platform and YouTube channel.

“Since we got on the first Ducati Moto prototype track, the development work on the project has not stopped for a moment.

 Efforts through continuous improvement pay for the efforts of the entire team. What to do, says Roberto Ken, director of Ducati Impulse, but the direction is definitely right.

Since the first track test at the Misano World Circuit in December 2021, the development of Ducati’s first electric bike has progressed through internal

major motorcycle circuits, technological advances and overall data analysis of multiple tests.

The video shows Ducati winning the bid to be the sole distributor of MotoE World Cup motorcycles

 religiously building their first flagship electric motorcycle. Will this be the beginning of the EV revolution in Ducati?

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