Finally Kawasaki’s First Electric Bike is For Kids

By Harsha G                      June 12, 2022

Kawasaki has launched its first all-electric product, the electrode, on the world market. It’s basically a balance bike for kids ages three to eight

The electrode e-bike was created to bridge the gap between pedal-powered bicycles and small displacement motorcycles

The Kawasaki electrode has an aluminum frame covered in a glossy Kawasaki lime green paint scheme

It has scale tip up to 15kg with off-road based tires on 16-inch cast aluminum wheels. Adjustable according to handle bar and seat height

The Kawasaki Electrode is powered by a 36V 5.1Ah battery that offers 2.5 hours of riding on a single charge

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 It is combined with a 250W brushless electric motor mounted on the rear wheel. The maximum speed of electronically e-bike is 20 kmph

It comes with a 160mm rear disc brake with adjustable brake lever. E-bikes do not have a suspension unit

Kawasaki has launched the Electrode e-bike for children in the global market for $ 1,099 (Rs. 85,880). Not likely to come to India.

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