Ather Electric Scooter June 2022 Sales 

By Harsha G

July 09, 2022

Ather has upgraded its current booking plan to premium the booking cost could be Rs 6000. so that people who choose this method for booking may get Ather 450X and 450plus after it’s launched.

In June 2022, Ather has sold almost 3,231 units. Same month last year(2021), it was only 359 units.

 But in May 2022, it was 3,787 units, so compared to the May month units sale, we will see a downfall of 14.68% in July sales.

 In Kerala, Ather was most sold in June 2022 with the share of 24 per cent, so now Ather scooter has become No1 Top seller in Kerala State.

Ather has chosen SBI(State Bank Of India) as its partner so that the financing option will be easy for buyers and to increase its sales value. 

SBI has covered a lot of customers throughout India, so it could be easy for SBI to promote the Ather scooter in terms of finance.

Ather has tied up with Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) so that they can promote their scooter in the league. It could happen in the upcoming TNPL as an associate partner.

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