Yamaha Starts Leasing electric scooters in India

By Harsha G

June 11, 2022

As we all know, Yamaha motors are working on its electric scooter to introduce it to the Indian EV market. 

Indian Yamaha motors chairman Eishin Chihana said in a recent Interview that ” Japanese manufacturers are developing India EV scooter based on Neo’s electric scooter that sold on worldwid

Recently Japanese manufacturer has introduced its updated MT-15 and R15 V4 along with the Neo’s E01 Electric scooter to get the dealer’s attention. 

As an Eishin Chihana says, “In India rapidly increasing fuel price is making peoples go for Electric vehicle so that we are taking the advantages and speeding up our Manufacturing.

Yamaha could turn the Indian manufacturing industry into a Production hub to export its electric scooters to Europe EV Markets.

 Neo’s Electric scooter will be available in India in 2023.

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